Eurovision 2014

IRELAND : Laura O’Neill Invites You To Sing With Her

Sing Along With Laura O'Neill. Photo : Laura O'Neill Facebook

Sing Along With Laura O’Neill. Photo : Laura O’Neill Facebook

Ireland – Eurosong finalist Laura O’Neill is inviting people to sing with her. Not just for fun but also for a prize that will be announced on Friday February 28th at 8pm – just before Laura goes on to sing in the Irish National Eurovision Final.

Laura is asking for you to send in your video clips of you singing along to the chorus of her song “You Don’t Remember Me” to her Facebook page where you are in with the chance to win a €500 Jewellery prize from

Full terms and conditions for the competition (which are always important people) can be found on Laura’s promotional video for the contest above

Laura is posting some of the videos that she has received on her Facebook page HERE

Check them out. Some future Eurosong singers in the making for sure!

Have you got what it takes?

Laura and Billy hikacking the RTE Noticeboard. Photo : Laura @'Neill Facebook

Laura and Billy hikacking the RTE Noticeboard. Photo : Laura @’Neill Facebook

We came across this great picture of Laura and Billy putting up their campaign posters on the Noticeboard at RTE – You gotta love it!

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Laura O’Neill Facebook

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