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#HUNGARY: A-Dal Heat Two LIVE BLOG – #JoinUs from 20:30 CET

A-Dal Eurovision 2017 Selection Hungary. Photo : MTV

Hungary is back with A-Dal for another week. Join me Richard, as we discover who’ll progress from Heat Two. You know the drill by now – just refresh this page every so often and follow the goings ons of the first show in this National Selection.

You can watch the show HERE.

Refresh from 20:30CET

And we are LIVE – welcome to Heat Two of this year’s A-Dal. The hosts are giving the general introduction and talking to the jury members.

1) Peet Project – “Runaround”

This can be described as a ‘Sunday, lazy listening’ type jazzy genre. The saxophone opening really reminds me of late 80’s/early 90’s television theme tunes. Runaround is easy listening and inoffensive to anyone. While this would do well, it does step away from Hungary’s tradition of sending Hungarian songs of late. A great start to this Heat in my opinion!

The jury and public vote combined gives Peet Project 36 points.

2) Odett – “Aranyhal”

Aranyhal seems to just plod along and not really get going in any shape or form. I get the impression there is some sort of mystery behind the song and Odett is dying to reveal it, yet three minutes isn’t long enough. The crowd seemed to have enjoyed it though.

The jury and public vote combined gives Odett 39 points.

3) yesyes – “I Let You Run Away”

Smoke and dry ice alert! Sadly yesyes sounds out of tune to me at times and is trying too hard to resemble someone like Nickelback. I Let You Run Away does seem to go places though, instead of the previous entry – start, middle and end all included in this performance. I’d be very surprised to see this represent Hungary in Lisbon.

The jury and public vote combined gives yesyes 43 points.

4) Maya’n’Peti – “Nekem te”

The bench and street light – a la circa 2008 is back. Peti does look very serious sat there, while Maya looks more relaxed. Once Nekem te gets going, this turns out to be a very nice love duet – a complete opposite message is given compared to Estonia’s Verona from last year.

The jury and public vote combined gives Maya’n’Peti 30 points.

5) Singh Viki – “Butterfly House”

Butterflies really do appear in the stage performance. Not only do we see the odd one on the back projection, but Singh Viki also mimics a butterfly throughout her performance. This is more of a club number, but the crowd seem to enjoy it.

The jury and public vote combined gives Singh Viki 34 points.

6) SavituS – “Lusta lány”

Think ByeAlex with added character for the main part of this performance from SavituS, although at times we appear to go into a bit of street/rap. The back projection is fully of bright colours in the shape of moving shapes – including circles and hexagons. He is joined on stage by a mini band.

The jury and public vote combined gives SavituS 34 points.

7) Dánielfy Gergely – “Azt mondtad”

Danielfy is joined on stage by a guitarist. There is a back projection of Danielfy singing along to himself. The stage is lit solely in blue. I get an impression of France from this entry and I don’t know why. Quite ironic on the night of the Destination Eurovision final!

The jury and public vote combined gives Danielfy Gergely 45 points.

8) Nene zenekar – “Mese a királyról”

Think fields of flowers on a spring day – that is what the back projection shows and is the tone of the song too. Nene starts off on a swing before taking to the floor to continue. The back projection continues to go through each of the seasons too. This song is obviously something to do with seasons or the Hungarian year.

The jury and public vote combined gives Nene zenekar 37 points.

9) Heincz Gábor Biga – “Good Vibez”

Good Vibez is another easy listening song that is inoffensive like others we have already heard in this Heat. The beat does pick up and the crowd does seem to be clapping along. The stage is brightly lit, which reflects the vibe – see what I did – of the song.

The jury and public vote combined gives Heincz Gabor Biga 43 points.

10) AWS – “Viszlát nyár”

It’s time for the obligatory heavy metal number to round up tonight’s songs. Plenty of fire on the back projection, smoke and flashing lights add to the atmosphere. We also have real plumes of fire on stage too. To me this is noise, but there again I’m not voting here and definitely not a fan of the genre.

The jury and public vote combined gives AWS 45 points.

My personal favourites are song’s 1, 6 and 9 tonight – but do I have the same taste as the Hungarian voters?

AWS, Danielfy Gergely, Heinz Gabor Biga, yesyes and Odett are already qualified for the semi finals after finishing in the Top 5 jury votes. Voting is open for the other five artists to take the final place.

Voting has now closed and SavituS takes that final place!

I hope you enjoyed tonight’s coverage of A-Dal. Please feel free to comment below or in our social network feeds on your opinion of tonight’s results!

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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