Eurovision 2018

#FinaleWeek: The Team’s Favourite French Entries


This week, we have been building up to the final of Destination Eurovision, that takes place tomorrow night and John will have a LIVE BLOG up and running – just look out for the links on our homepage and throughout our social media feeds. Today, some of the team choose their favourite French entry of all time.

James: Patricia Kaas – “Et S’il Fallait Le Faire”

Everything about it for me oozes French sophistication, the music, her incredible vocals… as soon as I hear those opening chords I’m transported to a smoky Parisian jazz club in the rain. It’s simply sublime!

Video: YouTube/EBU

John: Amina – “Le dernier qui a parler”

It was in that interesting period when French TV was experimenting with ethnic genres. Many of the songs in 1991 were of a high standard, but her performance was just incredible. Amina was so assured when she sang, and every element of the song screamed out ‘winner’. She was diddled out of the win by that other song (I’m being polite). It will always be a classic song.

Video: YouTube/setheurovision94

Bogdan: Natasha St-Pier – “Je n’ai que mon âme”

When it’s love and soul poured into music, I’m sold. It always gives me nice warm feelings inside.
Video: YouTube/escbelgium4
Richard: Amir – “J’ai Cherche”
Amir brought France back to it’s glory days in 2016. Not only did he modernise the French entry, he still kept to the national language as a whole, while keeping it audience friendly for today’s age. Thanks to this success, we now see Amir on Destination Eurovision – a role he deserves to keep while the National Selection is used by the French broadcaster.
Video: YouTube/EBU
Author: Richard Taylor
Source: Eurovision Ireland

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