Eurovision 2018

#BETTING ODDS – Who do the bookies think will win #UK Eurovision: You Decide?


You’ve heard their songs, you’ve had your say on our POLL – but what do the professionals think?

Ladbrokes have published the odds of who they reckon will win Eurovision: You Decide and sing for the UK in Lisbon. To paraphrase the Hunger Games, are the odds in the favour of your favourite?!


So Ladbrokes say Asanda is a clear favourite to win! In second place is RAYA and 3rd, Jaz Ellington. While it’s still early days, it is worth noting that last year the bookies crowned Lucie Jones their hot favourite and they were right to do so! Is that a good omen for Asanda? Or a jinx?

Do you think they’re right? Who would you choose to sing for the UK?

Let us know what you think!


Author: James Scanlan

Source: Ladbrokes

Image Source: BBC

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