Eurovision 2018

#ROMANIA “It’s time for a new generation to make its voice heard!” Alexia&Matei #Interview


Hey guys! We continue the series of interviews with the candidates from Romania’s Semi-finals of Selectia Nationala 2018.

Today we had the pleasure of having a quick chat with Alexia&Matei. Look at what they told us!

Eurovision Ireland: Hey Alexia and Matei! Thank you for this interview. You are the youngest participants in Selectia Nationala this year. Can you tell us who are Alexia and Matei?

Alexia & Matei: Hello!

Matei: We are two teenagers, Alexia (15) and Matei (16 years old), passionate about music.

We met at a music festival a year ago, and we wanted to see how a collaboration between the two of us would sound.

Alexia si Matei

Eurovision Ireland: What made you submit a song at Selectia Nationala 2018?

Alexia: More than 8 years ago, Mihai Alexandru, who composed the song Yodel It! for Ilinca and Alex Florea, composed a song for me named Alexia. And because it was a success among my generation of that time, my father promised to Mihai Alexandru that when I will be old enough to be able to participate at Eurovision, we will return to him for a song.

Eurovision Ireland: Can you tell us the message of your song “Walking On Water”?

Matei: It’s about adolescence, about feelings you live with but are not requited. The song is about a beautiful, unexpected love, lived at the age of 16.

Eurovision Ireland: What would it mean to you to win Selectia Nationala and represent Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon?

Alexia: I would think it would be the most important thing in our life. For me personally, it would be a dream came true, because I’ve been watching Eurovision since I was a little girl, every single year. Last year when I saw the performance of Kristian Kostov and the fact that he was only 17 years old and his result in the final, I said to myself that it is not impossible, and it’s time for a new generation to make its voice heard.

Eurovision Ireland: We like when the new generation gets involved in Eurovision – it’s like a legacy! Can you tell us what your favourite song from all Eurovision history is?

Matei: We have more than one song that we like, such as: Playing with Fire, Euphoria, Beautiful Mess, Yodel It!

Eurovision Ireland: What would you like to say to your fans reading this interview?

Alexia: We hope you like our song and we thank you very much for your support! We received

the best messages ever :)) Keep your fingers crossed! We’re sending a big embrace for all of you!


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