Eurovision 2018

#IRELAND – Who is heading to Lisbon for Eurovision 2018?


The rumour mill has certainly been busy in Ireland these last few weeks! There has been lots of stories floating around all claiming to know who will represent the Emerald Isle at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018. But let’s face it… they’ve listed so many names, they might as well have said the Spice Girls were regrouping specially to represent Ireland in Lisbon!

Although there’s no official word from RTE yet, there is one band who are being hotly tipped to sing for Ireland at Eurovision 2018 – and no, it’s not the Spice Girls! –  but rather Heathers. Who are they? you might well be asking – well just for you, we’ve compiled this Top 10 list of facts


1: Heathers are an Indie pop group from Dublin, Ireland who first formed in 2007.

2: The group is made up of sisters Ellie and Louise MacNamara, who are also twins… wait, didn’t Ireland send twins before??

3: They may be young, but they’ve released 2 studio albums. Their first, “Here, Not There,” was released in 2008 and “Kingdom” followed in 2012.

4: The girls dreamed of being in a band together from a young age – although Louise also admits she wanted to be the next Indiana Jones! Not bad work if you can get it!

5: The lead track from their first album “Remember When” was used by the Irish tourist board as part of a major ad campaign – so Europe may have already heard their work!

6: Although Heathers mostly sing in English, they have released some songs in Irish Gaelic too. Check out Is Cuimhin liom (Remember When) below!

7: Musically, the band mates have quite varied tastes in music. While Louise rates Paul Simon as her musical hero, Ellie can’t decide between Bruce Springsteen and Beyoncé!

8: Heathers have toured across Ireland, Canada, the US, Germany, Malaysia and were supporting artists for Paolo Nutini when he performed in Belfast, Northern Ireland back in 2010. Surely it’s time to add Portugal to that list?

9: Their “Forget Me Knots (It’s Alright Not To Feel OK)” was used as a kind of anthem for several Mental Health awareness campaigns, not only in Ireland but internationally too!

10: You’d think being twins, Ellie and Louise would spend all their time together. Well, according to an interview they gave with Demur, Heathers said when they’re not on tour they deliberately spend time apart so as to give each other space – makes perfect sense to us!

As we said before, RTE have yet to make any announcement about their Eurovision plans for May. Eurovision Ireland have reached out to RTE for an official comment about the Heathers. We’ll keep you updated when we get a response!

What do you think? Does Heathers have what it takes to take Ireland to Eurovision glory once more? Who would you like to see sing for Ireland?

Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland, Wikipedia,,

Image Source: Facebook, edited by Eurovision Ireland

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