Eurovision 2018

#POLL – Which Eurovision Host City would YOU most like to visit?



Happy New Year from Eurovision Ireland!

Lots of people make it their New Year’s Resolution to travel and explore the world around them – and what better way of doing that than combining it with everyone’s favourite musical extravaganza, the Eurovision Song Contest!

For those who love travelling and music, Eurovision is that ultimate perfect storm as it allows you to indulge both of your passions. It has been hosted in 40 different cities in 25 countries across Europe – with 2018 set to see the addition of another new country and city — Lisbon in Portugal!

This got us thinking – if money were no object and you could just hop on a plane and visit a previous host city for Eurovision, where would you go? Soak up Riviera glamour in Cannes? Island hopping in Stockholm? Wandering the bazaars of Istanbul? We want to know!

For those of you really afflicted with wanderlust who can’t choose just a single city, you’re in luck – you can vote for as many cities as you like! Including this year’s debut host, Lisbon!


Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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