#BIRTHDAY: 1 January – Gisela

#BIRTHDAY: 1 January Gisela

A new year, and we can now say that Israel will be hosting this year. Exciting, isn’t it? Well it is for the 42 countries that will be there on stage between 14 and 18 May. Will yours be of them?

One country that won’t be there is Andorra. They were two places off qualifying for the Grand Final one year, but other than that it was not good if you were a Eurovision fan from Encamp or Santa Coloma. Still, they did give us some interesting songs, like today’s from birthday girl Gisela Lladó Cánovas. Actually a Spaniard, she did her best for the principality. Even dressed like that.

Gisela is 40 today.

Author: Riigi Ametnik/John Stanton

Source: Oneurope

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