Eurovision 2018

#JESC: LIVE BLOG Day 2 Rehearsals – #JoinUs from Tbilisi at 07:00CET


This week’s LIVE BLOGS will be early starters for most of Europe that like to keep an eye on everything that is happening here in Tbilisi. It’s Richard here and I’ll be your guide through all the rehearsals as they happen all week long. The rehearsal schedule was decided before the Running Order, that was announced on Monday evening. You should know the drill by now, just refresh the page every so often and read the latest happenings!!!

#JoinUs and REFRESH from 07:00CET

Italy: Maria Iside Fiore – “Scelgo (My Choice)”

Maria has started the day’s rehearsals off in style. Maria wears a black leather jacket with red trousers. The back projection is a vibrant green to begin with before having a mixture of faces and words. The song “My Choice” is sung absolutely beautifully and is a perfect ending to this year’s contest in terms of the running order. Could a strong female ballad that ends the show, win a second year running?

From a technical point of view, the lighting and camerawork is good too. Italy really only need to tidy little bits up to make it flow perfectly now.

Malta: Gianluca Cilia – “Dawra Tond”

Gianluca truly has the cuteness factor about him that all the mums and grandmothers will like and hopefully vote for him. He is on stage dressed quite smartly – blue waistcoat, white shirt, orangey tie and trousers. His five backing dancers are in white and blue tartan dresses – although possibly on the short side.

With a sepia filter on the camera, the performance certainly springs into bright colours. The back projection is covered in old style televisions adding a funky side to the overall performance.

Gianluca oozes confidence and certainly gives it attitude in all the right places. Malta is a country that get’s Junior Eurovision and this song is up with their best.

Poland: Alicja Rega – “Moi Dom”

Alicja performs on her own during this performance in a long sleeved pink dress. It is a ballad that could do with a bit for upbeatness to it, as I fear it will get lost between Cyrus and The Netherlands.

The stage is lit up in blue. The back projection starts off with trees – a favourite now with many delegations at Eurovision and Junior Eurovision, before merging into some Belorussian Naviband patterns as featured back in May, in Kyiv.

Portugal: Mariana – “Youtuber”

We are having a few sound issues in the Press Centre so vocally we can’t really comment in here. The stage is certainly brightly coloured – something you think about when you think of Lisbon in the summer.

The background projection certainly took us by surprise using a series of emojis – including the poo emoji. The opinion that formed in the press centre therefore is Mariana and Portugal are going through a series of emotions.

Personally, I don’t get the connection between emojis and YouTube – emojis are more Facebook/Twitter/Instagram related.

Russia: Polina Bogusevich – “Wings”

Polina starts on stage with a sofa, wardrobe and dressing table with backing dancers. The view of a room on the back projection alternates with that of flying over a city scape.

Polina sang well from what we heard, but it was clear to us that she isn’t in her final costume. A generally good performance that just needs the odd tweek to make it perfect.

Further run throughs see the pieces of furniture (props), moved into a different placing on stage.

Serbia: Irina Brodic & Jana Paunovic – “Ceo Svet Je Nas (The World Is Ours)”

Irina and Jana are in similar outfits to those warn in the national final. The whole routine has been lifted from the national final and placed on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest stage.

There maybe a little bit more in terms of Charleston influence in the way they dance – which gives a more fun and lively aspect to the three minutes.

The Netherlands: Fource – “Love Me”

Fource are a force to be reckoned with. The four of them have velvet suits on – one red, one blue, one yellow and one green. Two of them are currently missing their proper trousers.

They look like a boyband and feel like a boyband to the average viewer. This just needs polishing, yet is definitely a top half finish. If this was near the end of the running order, it could potentially been looking at a potential win.

The background projection is similar to the old swirls of the Eurovision Vignette that was first used before National Finals a few years ago.

Ukraine: Anastasiya Baginska – “Don’t Stop”

A big white tree has made it on to the stage as the final prop in the initial rehearsals. Anastasiya and her backing dancer start by sitting on the tree – a la Nathan Trent for Austria in Kyiv.

During the performance, whilst the guitarist stays in situ, another violinist on the right on the stage is raised up into the air. In terms of styling, Anastasiya is wearing a silver like sports top and bottoms.

As we’ve said previously, trees have featured a lot over recent contests (both in Eurovision and Junior Eurovision), this year Albania sing’s “Don’t Touch My Tree” followed by Ukraine sitting in a tree.

Author: Richard Taylor – LIVE in Tbilisi

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Video: Official Junior Eurovision Song Contest YouTube Channel

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