#JESC Armenia

#JESC So Mr Phil – What did you think of Day 1?

Well i’m glad no one asked! – Hi, I’m Mr Phil, you may know me from oneurope.co.uk – Europe’s leading Eurovision cheesery – but i’m often found doing a bit of reviewing here, usually for A Dal, but the boys let me off the leash tonight and as Richard has gone out to a WINE TASTING for 25 Lari Grayson’s a person this evening ( About £7…) i’m writing a review of the day Based on the “wonderfully shot” videos courtesy of junioreurovision.tv

Albania: Ana Kodra – “Don’t Touch My Tree (Mos Ma Prekni Pemen)”

Ana is going to have to change that dress though ( Kids can have styling och consulting faux pas’ too)  –  Ana reminds me of a young Rachel from Friends and If we’re not touching her tree someone is because it’s autumn on the background, or a force 9 gale.   the song is a touch forgettable and has no ending but Ana makes a fist of it which is all you can expect while singing in a giant TV screen!!

Armenia: Misha Song – “Boomerang”

Micha is the embodiment of a one man band.   it’s got to be difficult singing a song on a hoverboard but there he is traversing the stage with the skill of someone from Ringling’s circus.   I fear, though, it is to detract from the song which is, frankly, a bit boring.  By the time he scores 9.5 for a dismount from said hoverboard, *we’re* all a bit bored of this typical Eastern European ballad and whilst he does some twizzles it flatters to decieve.

Australia: Isabella Clarke – “Speak Up”

I’m about 7 seconds in to this song and its already the most grown up of the three.  From the preview I saw it had winner written through it and this rehearsal video does nothing but enhance that.  A typical young ESC performance.  Isabella and her dancers all over the stage, easy on the ear and it doesn’t look contrived.  If this was 2-3 years ago it’s aiming at the right demographic then – it’s now got to aim for something slightly younger but there is nothing in that pond in this contest.  High School Musical *with* Class….

Belarus: Helena Meraai – “I Am The One”

Contrast that with this and it’s like chalk and cheese.  This has “fan favourite” as a millstreet round it’s neck and for the life of me I don’t see why.  I suspect its because we as adults are transposing May onto November with our tastes.   Helena  has a cracking voice and the song, as with Australia, is Adult but it misses the key thing for me.  It’s a kids contest and this isn’t aimed at Kids.   Not a bad one though but too much emoting on stage for me.

Cyprus: Nicole Nicolaou – “I Wanna Be A Star”

If Micha was a one man band, and Helena was trying to be “the one” then Nicole is trying  be a start but needs to tidy up this song .  It’s messy, as Richard pointed out, but I think he understated just how untidy this is.  Visually it looks like the equivalent of a kaleidoscope on the background or what a packet of Skittles looks like if you had them poured into your eyes.  It’s visually arresting and has props  but it really is detracting from the vocal here and that’s not up to much.  There needs a lot of work here and i’m not sure if they are up to the task.

Macedonia: Mina Blazev – “Dancing Though Life”

Again, another adult song in a children’s contest from Macedonia.  Mina tells us she’s dancing through life but the song seems all a bit pained and lacking fun for her to be dancing through life without massive doses of Prozac in later life.   She doesn’t half perform it well though and as with all the older singers in this part of the contest she knows where the camera is and knows what she is doing.  Perhaps just a little bit too clinical and grown up for me.

Georgia: Grigol Kipshidze – “Voice Of The Heart”

Grigol is singing a love song! – in this track suit… he’s clearly from Tbilisi-Essex at least for rehearsals anyway.  An impassioned performance of the Love boat theme to my eyes but it’s not exciting or new and he clearly wasn’t expecting me! ( you young ones will need to check youtube!).  It’s something Sasha Son would sing in Lithuania for their selection and get some mileage out of in Eurovision Grande, which seems to be a theme in most of these today, but this is just… forgettable.  Grigol has a great voice though and will perform this well.

Ireland: Muireann McDonell – “Suile Glasa (Green Eyes)”

And Finally… Muireann comes on with a guitar and sings to the camera and sometimes that’s all it needs. It has the feel of an Oirish country pub singer sitting in the corner playing with her band and that’s not a bad thing.  it has a pleasing lilt to it and its a simple staging that’s for sure and there is nothing wrong with it.  In fact it appeals to me more than, say, a Macedonia or a Belarus for that reason.  but i’m not voting.  This has potential and I don’t think its the finished thing yet but rehearsals are just that, practices for the big night.  She needs to stop looking so scared though!  GO ON YERSELF MUIREANN!! etc.etc…

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