Eurovision 2018

#JESC: LIVE BLOG Day 3 Rehearsals – #JoinUs from Tbilisi at 07:00CET


This week’s LIVE BLOGS will be early starters for most of Europe that like to keep an eye on everything that is happening here in Tbilisi. It’s Richard here and I’ll be your guide through all the rehearsals as they happen all week long. The rehearsal schedule was decided before the Running Order, that was announced on Monday night. You should know the drill by now, just refresh the page every so often and read the latest happenings!!!

#JoinUs and REFRESH from 07:00CET will not be releasing any clips until the after the final rehearsal tomorrow. These one minute clips will form part of the online voting recap.

Ireland: Muireann McDonell – “Suile Glasa (Green Eyes)”

Muireann has taken to the stage in her full outfit for the contest. She is wearing a black dress with big grey rectangular prints all over. Black leggings are also worn with silver sparkly boots.

Muireann’s final run through had dry ice as expected, but was also introduced by the postcard – the opening shot of the stage is lit in the country’s flag colours, before the performance starts.

Georgia: Grigol Kipshidze – “Voice Of The Heart”

Grigol and his backing singers are in their stage outfits ready for Sunday. Grigol is in a white shirt and black jumper (with a slight shine) with the sleeves slightly rolled up, along with black trousers. His four backing singers wear either a pink or white dress.

From a technical point of view, the camerawork flows more than it did on Tuesday and the back projection seems to be a bit more starry like a night sky.

Macedonia: Mina Blazev – “Dancing Though Life”

Mina has comeback to her second rehearsals with a much more polished performance. The interaction she has with the cameras have improved and this adds to the dynamic effects the cameras were already visually giving us during her first rehearsals.

The green filter and lighting around half way has been introduced today and has really enhanced the dynamic effects that were built upon on Tuesday.

Cyprus: Nicole Nicolaou – “I Wanna Be A Star”

The overall Cypriot performance has been polished. Instead of starting with the back projection, which was rather busy for the average eye, not concentrates on the backing dancers before turning the focus on Nicole.

This seems to be technically and performance wise rehearsed will well since we last saw Nicole on the stage on Tuesday afternoon.

Belarus: Helena Meraai – “I Am The One”

Helena has taken to the stage once more. Today we have the added addition of the wind machine – which is an addition we normally link to Sweden. Technically the whole performance seems to flow more too. Nothing else has much changed.

Australia: Isabella Clarke – “Speak Up”

I have just been to witness the second rehearsals for Isabella Clarke and the Australians have nailed it. Been placed in 15th in the running order has given these guys a great shot at victory.

The Press Centre have been humming the tune all week and are now starting to get to grips with the dance moves too.

Armenia: Misha Song – “Boomerang”

Misha has certainly mastered performing on his boomerang hover-board. Technically again, the camerawork flows better. My only concern for this entry is the way the handheld boomerang is presented at the end – not quite in sync with the one on the back projection.

Albania: Ana Kodra – “Don’t Touch My Tree (Mos Ma Prekni Pemen)”

Sorry for the DELAY, but due to TECHNICAL issues, Albania will now be doing their second rehearsal at the start of tomorrow – meaning a slightly earlier start for us all!

Author: Richard Taylor – LIVE in Tbilisi

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Video: Official Junior Eurovision Song Contest YouTube Channel

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