Eurovision 2017 Semi Final 1 Statistical Facts and Figures.

So last night we had the first Semi Final of Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv and what a fantastic show it was. We of course now know our winners and losers here. So as well as 10 countries happy to go to the Final we also have 8 countries sadly disappointed not to make it after all the hard work to get this far. But what do the results mean to each country in the hard facts of Semi Final qualification over the years? Here I have taken a closer look at each countries record.


This is the second year running they have failed to qualify and the seventh time overall in 12 participations in the Semi Finals. Also a pattern has emerged of qualifying then two failures then qualifying again then two more failures. This might suggest that Albania will qualify in 2018.


This is the fifth qualification in a row after not competing and failing to qualify the two years before that. A great record though of  8 qualifications in 9 participations.


Still relative newbies to the Semi Final scene this continues their 100% of two qualifications out of two. But there was a few people fearing for Australia last night.


Keeping up a 100% record of 9 out 9 with the only time they did not need to qualify as host country in 2012.


Belgium survived a scare last night after getting through despite falling badly in the betting. Blanche recovered enough to give them their third qualification in a row and only their 5th time out of 13 attempts.


They have also qualified for the third year in a row  and now have equal amount of 6 qualifications to 6 non qualifications.

Czech Republic

After qualifying last year for the first time they have returned to their dismal record of failing to qualify for the Final for the 5th time out of 6 attempts.


The third year in a row that they have failed to qualify. So the former winners have now failed 7 times in 13 attempts to get out of the Semi Finals.


First time in 3 years that they have failed to get to the Final. Also only the third time they have failed out of 10 attempts to qualify.


After failing to qualify for the first time last year Greece are back on track. They have a great record of qualifying 10 times out of 11 attempts.


After a long run of qualifications this is now the third year in a row that they have failed to qualify. It now makes 6 times in 13 attempts they have failed to get to the Final.


After a long period of failures Latvia managed two in a row but that has come to a dismal end with another failure.  This now makes it 8 times they have failed to get to Final out of 13 attempts.


They have ended a run of three successive failures to qualify by getting through last night. It is Sunstroke Project’s second time in the Final. Overall it is now 8 qualifications in 12 attempts.


Poor Montenegro really do not have a great record in qualifying. This is the second failure in a row and overall they have only managed 2 qualifications in 9 attempts.


This is the fourth qualification in a row for them after not participating for two years and failing to qualify three years in a row before that. That now makes it 5 qualifications out of 11 attempts.


After taking a year off last year Portugal are back with a vengeance and have qualified for the first time in 7 years. Overall their record is now 4 qualification in 12 attempts.


Second year in a row they have failed to qualify and of course the second time in Kyiv that Omar has failed to get to the Final. Overall they have now failed to qualify 10 times out of 14 attempts.


Sweden have now qualified for their 7th Final in a row either as Semi Final qualifier or host country. They have only failed to qualify once in 8 attempts.

So there we have it folks hope you enjoyed my delve into the statistics behind the qualifications. Later today we continue to cover the Dress Rehearsals of Semi Final 2 with our live blogs of 1st Dress Rehearsal  here and the Jury Final later tonight.

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Author: Andrew Main

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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