Eurovision 2017

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Spain decides its song for Kyiv, and we’re here to give you our thoughts on this prestigious occasion. It’s forecast to last less than 2 hours, but we know how our Spanish friends like to make the most of Objetivo Eurovisión. So sit back and relax while John from EI does all the work for you. And feel free to tell us what you think. You can watch the proceedings HERE from 22.00 CET.

Tonight’s songs are:

Manel Navarro – Do it for your lover

LeKlein – Ouch!

Paula Rojo – Lo que nunca fue

Mario Jefferson – Spin my head

Maika – Momento crítico

Mirela – Contigo



And we’re off, with a little taste of Abba’s hit ‘The winner takes it all’. In Spanish, naturally.

After a little chat from tonight’s experts. It’s onto song one…

  1. Manel Navarro – He’s gone all summery, like a surfer-dude laying down some tunes in a beach bar in the evening after riding that massive wave. The song is not without its charm and bounces along quite nicely. Whether he can actually play the guitar he’s wearing is another matter. It’s not a bad way to start tonight’s proceedings and he has his fans in the crowd.


2. LeKlein – As you may know, LeKlein won the previous round so knows how to win a competition. She likes ‘Euphoria’ it seems. And ‘Bandido’. She’s alone on stage and do I detect comfy shoes? No, they’re definitely boots. She can carry this tune quite well. Perhaps it’s also the stage show of white searchlights everywhere and red graphics on the floor that also set this off. A floor filler for Eurovision fans, maybe. But maybe also a few too many ‘ouches’ at the end.


3. Paula Rojo – Country and/or Western in Spanish is a novel twist and immediately catches my ear. It has a familiar sound that is easy on the ear. I think this is the best so far and she seems the happiest of the bunch. A winner? Possibly. A pleasant little song? Definitely.


4. Mario Jefferson – Mario likes Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’. There’s a refreshingly safe sound about Mario’s little song. Maybe like something by Justin Trousersnake or Justin Beaver. He’s got the moves with four backing dancers who are using luminous rods. They didn’t work for Kate Ryan though did they? It will appeal to the youth vote, if they’re watching TVE1 on a Saturday night. There are better songs in my opinion but it’s OK.


Before song 5, we get an impromptu performance of Beth’s ‘Dime’. It gets a huge round of applause.

5. Maika – She’s your classic  rock chick so this is a serious old number. She actually looks almost Finnish, with the red hair and rocky sound. But no, she’s definitely a local. And the song is pretty good, demonstrating her range. I wasn’t sure to start with, but I like it. We almost get a key change too, which will please some of the purists out there. Maika has lots of fans too. Maybe they’ve beaten the others into submission.


6. Mirela – Finally tonight is a third-time trier. She has lots of fans judging by the cheers when her name was announced. This is your classic latino disco-stomper which many fans like. The Spanish public might do too if they want something representative of the culture. There is certainly a lot going for it. Catchy tune. Long legs. Dancers to show us how it’s done. Maybe being on last helps too.


And with that, it’s time to pick a winner.

Interval act goodness comes from Carina. She did her thing 46 – yes, 46 – years ago. And she can still carry a tune. If only they could send something like ‘En un mundo nuevo’ again!


Next is David Civera. He was in Copenhagen in 2001. Where have the years gone? This version of ‘Dile que yo quiero’ is more rocky than his latino sound in 2001. Maybe he can’t quite gyrate as well as he used to.


What’s this now? It’s only Rosa’s song ‘Europe’s living a celebration’. For two weeks in May anyway. We’ve hit medley time with Roko and Edu Soto. ‘Yo soy aquel’ follows, but it’s not Raphael singing. Then we get ‘Quedate conmigo’. A very good version of a very good song. Then ‘Eres tú’. We appear to be finishing with ‘La la la’.


It’s not all over yet. well, the voting is. But until they decide who’s won. here’s Barei, come to hand over her crown. She doesn’t always squint – honest. But she’s damn popular.


Votes from the jury (which consist 50% of the final vote)…


There were gasps from the audience.

Next they were combined with the public vote (the other 50%)…


We have a tie between Manel and Mirela, both on 58 points. In this event, the jury has a casting vote.

It goes to…

Manel Navarro!

Some of the crowd aren’t happy! Are you?

Thanks for viewing. They’ve definitely made an interesting choice.

Good night!


Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, RTVE


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