Eurovision 2017

#HUNGARY: LIVE BLOG for A Dal Semi-final two from 1930 CET


#HUNGARY: LIVE BLOG for A Dal Semi-final two from 1930 CET

#Join us tonight at 19:30 CET for our LIVE rolling blog of the Second semi-final of A Dal 2017. Nine acts will compete for a place in the Final on 18 February.

You can watch the show live here at 19:30 CET. You’ll be pleased to know that Dr Phil from OnEurope is back, so just refresh our page here to get his views, comments and unique points of view.

The 9 Acts tonight are :

Song Performer(s) Pts Psn
Élet Leander Kills  43  2
Karcok Benji  33  9
Nyitva a ház Roma Soul  38  5
Kill your monster Peet Project  38  5
Frozen king Mrs Columbo  37  7
17 Kállay Saunders Band  42  4
Together Ádám Szabó  37  7
#Háttérzaj Zävodi & Olivér Berkes  43  2
Hosszú idök Totova & Freddie Shuman feat Begi Lotfi  44  1


So sit back and get ready for Dr. Phil to give you his spin on tonight’s Hungarian second heat of A-Dal 2017 – JUST REFRESH THE PAGE for the upto date comments – at your own risk!Four lucky songs will qualify for the final.


Evening all.   We will be off shortly!

Song 1 – Together

Adam seems to be out falsettoing himself from the first quarter final on this one and the people with the bird cages are back   It’s heavy on the old symbolism but to my ear light on ideas   This jury though… who knows…37 points

Song 2 – Frozen King

Mrs columbo next   She looks like a western geisha girl and the song is electric and ecclectic with the reliance on keyboards and synths to hide her rather monotonic voice  if it’s all about the song then in this round it shouldn’t be saved by the jury like in the QF . 37 points too.

Song 3 – Nyitva a ház

Here is your ethnic quota.  Remember the psychedelic shirts and paisley background?  They are back but this time round the song seems to have found a nieche and sounds fresh even with the rap considering the two that have gone before it   This might force the jury’s hand for large scores to get it through.   Shots of said jurors make them seem happy   Should score more than 37. And it does  38!!!

Song 4- Kill your monster

Peet project up next.  Channelling a low budget 1985 light pop tune their smug looking punchable faced front man tries to sell me this song and he does a reasonable job if it, if it didn’t sound so bloody dated!!!  They also try a little bit too hard but the audience seem to be cheering for this one but for all the fact that I love the 80s it looks and feels formulaic, even down to the head movements    It should go into the lead tho.  No!! 38 points

Song  5 – 17

Kallay Saunders getting through to the fina, on the strength of his name and not his song that’s for sure   The song about teenage sex, drinking and other illicit things sounds a better idea than a song  it’s dirty and r n b and with that MJ vibe but…repetitive  42 points .

Song 6 – Hatterzaj

Thank god for long advert breaks.  Diet Coke is a saviour,  Anyhow back to the songs .  Another empassioned and boring ballad next by two hairy hipsters   Even setting the piano afire like the makemakes did can’t help this song but I will give it its due, it’s hitting the notes with the audience and it’s sung well but it’s a bit dry  43 points takes it into the lead.

Song 7 -Élet

Leander Kills are  what is known as a proper rock band and boy does it show.  They seem to be able to change the tempo at will of this song from throaty rock song to Schlager rock in a couple of bars   It’ll have its constituency tho ..  43 points .

Song 8 – Hosszú idök

Lots of flag waving and fireworks for this one.  Didn’t pay much attention but it sounded ok!!!   44 Points .

Song 9 – Karcok

Benjamin is the last one up tonight with a song not about dogging but seemingly more innocent. Starts at the piano but sounds out of tune from the getgo like he did in heat one my ears seem to tell me.   Vocally gets back on it during the latter part of the first verse but needing to score 43 might be beyond this one. 33 points

Kallay not through as of right but surely through televoting???  We will see.

And the lucky Televoting qualifier is…. Kallay Saunders in a shock that no one saw coming!!!

The final will be next Saturday!!

Author – Phil  Colclough

Source, Eurovision Ireland, A Dal, Oneurope

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