#CYPRUS – Hovig’s 3rd clue: Houston, we have a title! Or do we?


Since the weekend, Cyprus has been teasing Eurovision fans by posting short videos on Hovig’s Facebook page inviting us to guess the name of Cyprus’ Eurovision 2017 entry. And today’s clue seems to be a big one!

If you need to remind yourselves, you can read more about the first 2 clues here and here!

Here is our 3rd, and we think you’ll agree, most revealing hint!

Today’s clue is a word with 4 letters missing. Bearing in mind our first clue was a space helmet and our second the formula for gRaVitY…. well… I won’t spoil the fun for anyone still guessing 😉 This being said, I may well be wrong!

BUT if this is the title  of Hovig’s song, can it match the 3rd place of the last song to have this same title back in 2013? Can it even bring Cyprus their first ever win?!

Let us know what you think!


Author: James Scanlan

Source: Facebook

Image Source: Facebook

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