#POLL RESULTS – The Artist you are most looking forward to seeing is…

Recently we posted a poll asking which of the acts going to Kyiv you were most excited about. Unfortunately, we were a little too premature to include Montenegro in our list, but as you’ve had a week to vote for the others, we’ll now reveal the results!

The artist you are most looking forward to seeing in Kyiv is…


*drum roll*




Yes, the Dutch trio of sisters took an earlier lead in our poll and managed to hold on to their spot right till the close of voting with just under 20% of the total vote. A close 2nd with 18.18% was Brendan Murray from Ireland, while Austria’s Nathan Brent rounded off the Top 3 with over 13% of all votes.

This year’s contestants will be pleased to know that every single artist received votes on this poll – so no nul points, and there really is someone to cheer on everyone going to Ukraine in May!

Do you agree with the results of our poll? Who are YOU excited about seeing perform in Kyiv?

Let us know what you think!

Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Image Source: Eurovision Ireland,

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