#EUROVISION2017 – What if it was 44..?


Earlier this week, the complete list of Eurovision 2017 participants was published, naming the 43 countries who will take to the stage in Kyiv, Ukraine next May.

43 countries taking part equals the record first set in 2008 in Belgrade, then matched again in Düsseldorf in 2011. This got me thinking… what if Kyiv 2017 HAD been the year that the record had been broken? What if it had been THE BIGGEST EUROVISION EVER!!

For this to happen, we would need at least one more country to take part. Many hoped this would be the year that Turkey would come back to Europe’s favourite party, but our hopes were dashed. Slovakia had a similar story. Bosnia & Herzegovina had to bow out this year after financial difficulties at the broadcaster, while microstates Andorra, Luxembourg and Monaco have all withdrawn over the years and been hazy about potential returns… boo!

Then of course, there are the countries that have never set foot on a Eurovision stage. Rumours have been bouncing around for years that Liechtenstein, Kosovo and Kazakhstan are all lining up to be our next new Eurovision nations. But what about Vatican City? The smallest country in Europe is technically eligible to take part too!

So here’s our question: If you could make 43 up to 44, who would you like to see join the other countries in Ukraine? Vote in our poll below and we’ll find out!

Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Image source: Facebook – Eurovision Song Contest – Fans Club

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