#EuroStarz – New Fan Concert coming to London this summer!


Eurovision 2017 may still be a long way off and for us fans, the summer can be a bit of drag. But fear not! Eurovision is returning to London – in a matter of speaking! – thanks to the all new EuroStarz concerts!

“EuroStarz is a new fan run concert, that, if successful, we hope to make a regular bi-annual event.” explains Caroline, who come up with the idea, “The first concert will take place on Thursday 25 August at the Star of Kings, near Kings Cross station in London,”

The line up for the first EuroStarz show has already been announced, with former United Kingdom Eurovision contestants Nicki French and Alex Larke (of Electro Velvet fame) being joined by Karl Lund from the 2016 UK National Selection. The event’s organisers have also told us “In the future, we hope to invite some Irish Eurovision entrants,” – all we have to say about that is FANTASTIC!


So remember Thursday 25 August at the Star of Kings in London! James from Eurovision Ireland will be there to provide you EXCLUSIVE coverage of the event, including interviews with Nicki, Alex and Karl! So stay tuned for those!

Tickets for EuroStarz will be sale in the next couple of weeks. Grab yours and come along for an evening of Eurovision fun!

For more information, check out the EuroStarz website and Facebook page.



Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland, EuroStarz

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