The Hungry Hearts at Oslo Pride


As pride season continues across the world, tributes continue to take place for those who lost their lives or were injured in the horrific shooting in Orlando last weekend. For those of us in the LGBT community around the world, we’ve been hit hard, and we know this will apply to many, many ESC fans and followers.

The Hungry Hearts, who may not have made it through to the golden final at this year’s Melodi Grand Prix but who were still entertained us at Euroclub and wiwijam during Eurovision in Stockholm anyway, were invited to perform at the Diplomatic Celebration of Oslo Pride, an event held at the Canadian Embassy but hosted by a group of embassies in Oslo as part of the 2016 Oslo Pride.

They, like so may of us, recognise the need to challenge the laws and the societies around the world who criminalise, stigmatise and demonise  LGBT citizens. Here is their performance of their song ‘Laika’  with slightly altered lyrics for the victims of Orlando…

…and if you’ve forgotten their rather epic performance at Melodi Grand Prix, allow me to remind you!

Author: Lisa-Jayne Lewis
Source: YouTube / Oslo Pride 2016

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