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JESC ’16: Where Do We Stand?

JESC 2016 Embrace

So it has been a good two months now since we were in Stockholm for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. However, it is only four months to go before we all visit Valletta for this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest. After the Press Conference in Stockholm, I explained the plans laid out for this year’s contest, however, it is time we look at what the current state of play is. Last week an official trailer for the contest was released.

As we know, the official participation list doesn’t get released until September or early October. Malta will be looking on matching seventeen participating countries that took part in Sofia last year, if not more. We will now look at what we know so far.


Albania was the first to choose their artist and song back on June 01st. Klesta Qehaja was selected with the song “Besoj”. You can watch the National Final performance here.

The Netherlands

Instead of the normal public selection, Kisses were selected internally. They will perform the song “Kisses and Dancin”. The entry for this year’s contest has yet to be revealed publicly.

Ireland and Italy

Ireland debuted in Sofia and will be returning once again in Valletta. Italy debuted in Malta and won! They will be back for their third entry in 2016. Once more details about the Irish entry are known, our very own Garrett will tell all! Let’s relive last year’s debut with the amazing Aimee Banks.

Other Selected Artists

In June, Bulgaria selected Lidia Ganeva to represent them the year after hosting the contest. Last Saturday, Malta selected Christina Magrin to represent them on her home soil.

Further Selections

More countries are selecting over the next few months. Russia will select on August 25th, while Belarus selects a day later. Ukraine – the reigning Eurovision Song Contest champions will also select in September, however a date is yet to be confirmed.


Poland will be returning to the contest after a hiatus of twelve years. They will select their entry for Malta on October 12th. KWADro last represented Poland in 2004 with their entry “Lap zycie”.

San Marino and Slovenia

Both countries revealed they are withdrawing from this year’s contest. San Marino have withdrawn, while indicating no one particular reason. Slovenia have withdrawn due to the change in format.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland and Eurovoix

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