Eurovision 2016: Returning songwriters Part 3

You will have seen that there are some illustrious song-writing names back again for another try at Eurovision glory. In the articles HERE and HERE you will have seen a number. Here are some more:

Our friends in Azerbaijan have started to put their faith in non-Azerbaijani writers, and this year is no exception. Samra represents them this year with the song ‘Miracle’, and is written by a team of Swedes. Henrik Wikström among them has been at a Eurovision previously, namely in 2006. You might remember a certain performer called Carola (she of the wind machine) who competed for a third time with the song ‘Invincible’. It has taken 10 years for Henrik to get back again, although he has tried in several national finals in the interim. Here’s the song he wrote for Biondo in the Romanian selection in 2008. It was the runner-up to Paula Seling & Ovi.

The next returning writer is Zé Szabó, and you can probably guess from his name that he’s Hungarian. He’s back this year with ‘Pioneer’ by Freddie. There is debate on whether he’s composed the song or just produced, but I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. His previous song was performed by Zoli Ádok in 2009 and had the simple title ‘Dance with me’. It’s a very different style to this year, relying more on the voice of Freddie rather than the floor-show of Zoli. Is Freddie’s song better? I’ll let you be the judge with Zé’s other song here:

Kamil Varen is another writer who’s back, and his song is another one in a completely different style to his previous attempt. Only the über-geeky among you might know that he had a hand in the song ‘Time to party’ in 2007. It was performed by The Jet Set, a collection of performers and cage dancers. Definitely a treat for the eye! Kamil’s song for Poland this year, you’ll know by now, is ‘Color (sic) of your life’. The video has had an incredibly’large number of Youtube hits so far, which could bode well. But as we’re reminiscing, here’s the Jet Set’s song.

Finally this time is one of a number of writers who’s managed back-to-back songs. Doron Medalie wrote ‘Golden boy’ which became a bit of a fan favourite in Vienna. His song, performed by 16-year old Nadav Guedj, sailed through to the final, finishing 9th overall (see his performance again below). Yet again, Doron’s two songs are in completely styles, which indicates a very versatile songwriting ability. Will Israel make a Grand Final in 2016?

Which of these songwriters’ songs from this year is your favourite? And stay tuned for more returning writers in the coming days.


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Author: John Stanton


Source: Eurovision Ireland

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