Eurovision 2016

GAME : Guess The Eurovision 2016 Singers in their Easter Disguises!

Easter Bunnies 2016

Happy Easter Everyone!

As we come closer to Eurovision 2016 so of this year’s artists have gone incognito and have been bitten by the Easter bug – of should that be the Easter Bunny.

We have 12 of this year’s artists in disguise but can you name them? Answers will be released tomorrow evening so get you thinking hats on.

Some are easy but others will have you stumped for sure.

#1 – Who is it?

Easter 1

#2 – Who is it?


Easter 2

#3 – Who is it?

Easter 4

#4 – Who is it?


Easter 5

#5 – Who is it?

Easter 6

#6 – Who is it?


Easter 7

#7 – Who is it?

Easter 8

#8 – Who is it?

Easter 9

#9 – Who is it?

Easter 10

#10 – Who is it?

Easter 11

#11 – Who is it?

Easter 12


#12 – Who is it?

Easter 3


Ok – leave your answers on the post and see how many you get right when we reveal them tomorrow night! Will anyone get the magical Douze Points!

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Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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