Eurovision 2016

RUSSIA : Watch Sergey Lazarev’s First Live TV Performance of ‘You Are The Only One’

Sergey Live TV

Sergey shows Europe what to expect at Eurovision!

Sergey Lazarev took to live television on Russia’s version of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ to show how big ‘You Are The Only One’ can get on a live stage

Full of power this looks like the betting odds could be right and Russia are due for a landslide victory at Eurovision 2016.

The local audiences are rightly excited.

Sergey has performed his Eurovision song on his current tour. Now we can see it on live tv.

Is this a Eurovision winner? Can he give Russia their second win at the contest? Are we Eastern bound for 2017?

Tell us what you think.

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Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : YouTube




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  1. Looks very polished and a definite contender. I hope not though. It is a bit dated and cliched. I’d rather see Latvia or Hungary in what seems a poor year this year.

  2. I was expecting Anton Du Beke and Joanne Clifton to come waltzing on, to be honest!

    Very impressive, assuming it was live – the acts on Strictly UK do tend to sing live, to be honest…

    I’m still not sure this is as sure-fire a winner as you guys in Europress land are making out – if it was Polina this year, there would be no doubt but I still think it’ll be a very close run thing and we will have an outsider winning, much the same as 2011. I’m sure that the LGBT community would prefer that, judging by the comments on the article Lisa-Jayne posted yesterday…

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