RUSSIA: First live performance of You Are The Only One offers few clues

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.23.58

This year’s hotly-tipped Russian artist Sergey Lazarev made his first recorded live performance of his Eurovision hit You Are The Only One last night (read our full story on the song’s original reveal here). But what have we learned that might help us determine if he’s bound for the title? Well not much, to be honest.

The video, posted on Russian social media site VK this morning, is labelled only Kursk – a town some 330 miles south of Moscow – and it’s not apparent whether he’s doing a PA in a club, a shopping centre or somewhere else. However, this clip does show some rudiments of a dance routine, with a small gang of dancers marching about stiffly behind him.

His voice holds up to the trickier corners of the song though, and even if it looks sometimes as though he’s phoning his performance in, there’s small scraps of evidence that he already knows the tune like the back of his hand. What is also apparent is that whoever wrote out the screen at the back didn’t use spellcheck… ‘Stocholm’?

So what do you think of this performance? Is it just a half-hearted club commitment or indication of what we can expect in Moscow? We’d like to hear what you think…

Click here for a back-of-the-room view of Sergey’s performance last night…

Author: Roy Delaney

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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