Czech Republic

CZECH REPUBLIC : First Thoughts on Gabriela Gunčíková’s Eurovision Song ‘I Stand’


Is this the year that the Czech Republic makes the Grand Final at Eurovision?

Well we called it over a week ago that Gabriela Gunčíková would represent the Czech Republic at Eurovision – SEE HERE

So her song ‘I Stand’ is released. However will it stand up to the competition?

The overwhelming positive is that in Gabriela we have an experienced singer who can sing live and can sell a song live to camera. This comes from her being a highly successful performer.

She is a Rock-Chic at heart and I am so glad that the song is a powerful ballad with real passion. I love how they have created a hook with the song’s title ‘I-I-I-I Stand’ and that is how you get Europe to remember your song in 3 minutes.

I keep saying this but some songs get it wrong when they structure the form of the composition. Not here! There is a clear start, middle and end to the song. They all are different yet have a common thread that binds them together.


There is a ‘Game of Thrones’ vibe going on in the song for me. Something very cinematic and atmospheric about the song. No dragons on stage though please! The lyrics are smart, intelligent and don’t pander to the “stereotype” that I like.

If the preview video is anything to go by then I have high hopes for how ‘I Stand’ will be presented on the stage in Stockholm.

Best song from the Czech Republic that they have sent to Eurovision. This is worthy of the Grand Final!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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