Eurovision 2016

MALTA : Ira Losco goes cryptic on us #WOW – What does it mean?


WOW – Ira Losco is our ever-changing ‘Chameleon’ at Eurovision.

The returning contest Goddess goes all cryptic on us today. The official Maltese Eurovision social media pages are introducing us a new hashtag #WOW


What is that about? Is it something to do with the video for ‘Chameleon’ or is it something else? Remember they were looking at revamping ‘Chameleon’ or a potential new song for Ira – SEE HERE

So why don’t you have your say on the Official Maltese Eurovision Facebook page HERE

What is #WOW? What does #WOW mean?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Song Malta


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