SERBIA: 10 things you didn’t know about Sanja Vucic

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Serbia have announced their nomination for Stockholm and the winner is Sanja Vucic. Her competing song ‘Goodbye’ will be unveiled on the 12th of March but until then, here’s 10 quick facts to familiarise you with this talented young lady.

Who is Sanja Vucic? Sanja comes from the town of Krusevac, in the former Yugoslavian state of Serbia.

How old is she? Sanja was born on the 8th of August 1993, making her a youthful 22 and a Leo.

Lion-heart: Leo’s by nature are said to be generous, loyal, optimistic but wilful. Don’t get in Sanja’s way!

Happy Birthday: Sanja shares her birthday with tennis pro Roger Federer, veteran actor Dustin Hoffman and U2 guitarist, The Edge.

Opera: As a child, Sanja studied at the Department of Opera Singing (Wait, what? There’s a Department of Opera Singing?!). During this time, she honed her skills singing in bands, church choirs and the town jazz orchestra. Now that’s an eclectic mix!

Zaa: In 2012, Sanja became a member of the band Zaa, a multi-genre band influenced by ska, dub, rock, jazz and punk. Zaa have enjoyed great success in their own country and have also toured Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Multi-lingual: Sanja is a woman of many talents and is an accomplished linguist. She speaks English, Spanish, Italian and Arabic. Something which will make her very popular in Stockholm.

Serbia: So far, Serbia has only once won the Eurovision Song Contest. That was in 2007 and with the iconic ‘Molitva’ sung by Marija Šerifović. Can Sanja rock Stockholm and grab another win for Serbia? Stay tuned!

Goodbye: There’s been much speculation around the choice of song for Serbia. Initially, a song called ‘Shelter’ was mooted, but it seems now that the song in question will be called ‘Goodbye’. We’re all waiting (less than) patiently for the 12th of March to hear it for ourselves. Be sure to tune in and have a listen.

Want to wish Sanja good luck? You can leave a message on her Facebook wall or send a Tweet on Twitter.



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