ROMANIA -LIVE BLOG of Selecția Națională Semi Final #JoinUs at 19:30 CET


Bună seara! For the first time ever, Baia Mare calling! This year, Romania’s Selecția Națională will also have a semi final to help whittle down the acts hoping to sing for the country at the Eurovision Song Contest!

Tonight 12 Semi Finalists will sing for the chance to win one of 6 places in Sunday’s grand final. From these 6, one will chosen by the public to go to Stockholm for Romania in May.

James and Bogdan, (who by now you all know as #JamDanESC) invite you to  #JoinUs at 19:30 CET for the LIVE BLOG of the  Romanian Semi Final!. You know the drill – just refresh the page for full updates and our thoughts on the performances.

jamdam romania

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Are we going to make this Live Blog the best one ever?! Well, all we can say is “Let Me Try!” 😉


How To Watch


The Show starts at 19:30 CET

Watch the show here or here


Running Order

12 Semi Finalists are singing tonight in the following order:

#1 – Doru Todoruț feat. Irina Baianț “The Voice”

#2 – Andra Olteanu “Nai Nai”

#3 Dream Walkers “Let It Shine”

#4 Irina Popa “Letting Go”

#5 Jukebox “Come On”

#6 Mihai Băjinaru “Never Too Late”

#7 Vanotek “I’m Coming Home”

#8 Mihai “Paradisio”

#9 Florena “Behind The Shadows”

#10 Gașca de Acasă “Tu Ești Povestea”

#11 Ovidiu Anton “Moment of Silence”

#12 Xandra “Superhuman”

How The Finalists Will Be Selected

Tonight, 4 of the qualifiers will be selected via an Expert Jury, while the remaining 2 will be chosen by a Public Televote. On Sunday night, Romania’s Eurovision act will be chosen from these 6 qualifiers by a Public Televote.


LIVE BLOG – Starts 19:30 CET Here

You know the drill by now! You just refresh the page after each song for our comments. Don’t forget we will be awarding our #MagicMic Award for the most memorable moment of the show!

JAMES: Buna seara Europa! It’s the weekend and what better way to start the weekend with the semi-final for the Eurovision powerhouse that is Romania! 😀

BOGDAN: This semi final comes to us live from Baia Mare in north western Romania – and it looks impressive from the shots we are seeing now!


JAMES: This year’s contestants on stage, singing a medley of Romania’s Eurovision entries including Let Me Try and De La Capat


BOGDAN: And Tornero!

JAMES: This just proves that Romania has had some fantastic Eurovision songs over the years… surely they’re due a win now?

BOGDAN: The contestants really seem to be enjoying it – and who doesn’t enjoy singing It’s My Life from 2013? 😀


JAMES: Baia Mare have got a great stage, well done!


BOGDAN: Our hosts welcome us to Romania and Baia Mare

JAMES: Now we’re meeting the 5 jury members who will choose 4 of tonight’s winners who will go to Sunday’s final


JAMES: The jury has 2 Eurovision veterans on it – Cezar Ouatu from 2013 and Zoli Toth from the band Sistem, who sang with Lumanita in 2005

BOGDAN: If anyone knows what it takes to be at Eurovision, it’s these guys! We also have well known Romanian Jo in the Green Room keeping an eye on things

JAMES: On with the show!

#1 – Doru Todoruț feat. Irina Baianț “The Voice”

JAMES: Interesting staging… bit Goodbye to Yesterday


BOGDAN: No sign of Irina yet… oh wait, here she is!


BOGDAN: The song has almost finished and we’re still waiting for the best bit…

JAMES: I agree… you can’t fault their vocals, which are fantastic, but the song is a bit too slow to get started


JAMES: Light and Dark? Good and Evil? 😛

BOGDAN: A 7 from me

JAMES: 6 from me. The finale is brilliant, but the build up to it is too slow

BOGDAN: #GeneratiaEurovision for any of you on Twitter who want to contact the show

JAMES: And #EurovisionIrela or #JamDanESC if you want to contact us!

BOGDAN: The jury are deliberating… they said it’s a very elegant performance and the first judge joked it’s the best moment of the show so far!

JAMES: Hopefully the first of many!

BOGDAN: Sure it will be 😉 Cezar says Irina’s vocals were a bit shakey at the start… can’t say we noticed

JAMES: Cezar’s vocals are out of this world!


JAMES: At least we know what happened to Dana International’s coat

#2 – Andra Olteanu “Nai Nai”

BOGDAN: Andra up now!

JAMES: I love this one, love the beat, catchy lyrics!


BOGDAN: She sounds a bit nervous… the song really has potential though


JAMES: Staging could be a lot stronger

BOGDAN: It lost a lot of its power from the studio version

JAMES: That’s a real shame, had high hopes for this

BOGDAN: One of the judges just said that being in Romanian might harm its chances at Eurovision… he does realised Molitva and Diva were not in English, right?

BOGDAN: I really had high hopes for Andra, but with that staging I can only give it a 6. Wasn’t very impressed, and I wanted to be

JAMES: I agree completely with you Bogdan, I want to score it much higher but a 7 from me based on that performance

BOGDAN: At least the judges praise her for her energy, but also say it’s like a puzzle that doesn’t quite fit together…

#3 Dream Walkers “Let It Shine”

JAMES: Romania’s answer to One Direction now

BOGDAN: They’re standing quite far apart from each other… I know there are 4 of them to fill the stage, but still!


JAMES: I’m a little more concerned with their clothes…

BOGDAN: They have the best vocals so far tonight though

JAMES: Vocally they are brilliant, they just look a bit odd scattered around the stage

BOGDAN: 7 points for their voices… but they have a lot of work to do if they want to stand out in Sweden

JAMES: 7 from me too. Could have been higher, does need some work but they have a lot of potential

BOGDAN: The jury really love it – they’re giving it the best comments so far and using words like extraordinary!

BOGDAN: Jo is giving all of the contestants a diploma for taking part tonight – isn’t that sweet?


JAMES: The hosts just explained we’ll have 20 minutes to vote, but only once all the songs have been performed

#4 Irina Popa “Letting Go”

JAMES: First ballad of the night

BOGDAN: I like this one

BOGDAN: The song was originally in Romanian and adapted into English, so feels like something was lost in translation

JAMES: It’s a pleasant enough ballad, but lacked that dramatic climax we crave in a Eurovision ballad

BOGDAN: This is the first time ever at Selectia Nationala that the jury are giving their opinions after each song – worth noting!

JAMES: The show in Baia Mare really seems to be taking Romanian Eurovision in a new direction!

BOGDAN: The judges are noting as well that an epic ballad in Romanian has become a bit mundane in English. I think this would get lost in Stockholm. 6 points

JAMES: As ballads go, it was too tame for me. 5 points

#5 Jukebox “Come On”

BOGDAN: Jukebox up now

JAMES: Now this one is ‘interesting’… note the quotation marks!

BOGDAN: Zdob si Zdub are back!!

JAMES: This is why I said ‘interesting’… it’s a fusion of traditional sounds, rock, pop and something I can’t quite put my finger on!

BOGDAN: Not my cup of tea…

JAMES: I want to like it, but it’s so chaotic and all over the place… at least they look like they’re having the time of their lives performing it!

BOGDAN: One of the judges doesn’t like the alternation between English and Romanian

JAMES: Probably one of the things I did like about it!

BOGDAN: 3 points from me

JAMES: 4 from me

BOGDAN: One of the judges said it’s not an original song… “we can’t send something to Eurovision that has already been done…”

JAMES: Strong words… wonder who they mean? We’d be So Lucky to know 😉

BOGDAN: Maybe we can ask Bunica once she’s put that drum down… 😉

BOGDAN: Jo is being really enthusiastic and positive about all the contestants, which is nice

#6 Mihai Băjinaru “Never Too Late”

JAMES: Falling Stars seem to be a theme this year… Moldova, Israel and now Romania too!

BOGDAN: It’s like 90s Eurovision classic

JAMES: Reminds me very much of a Broadway song

BOGDAN: He does have a strong voice though

JAMES: Agreed.

BOGDAN: Not sure it’s right for Eurovision these days though

BOGDAN: The judges have just warned that they have to give 2 songs ‘nul points’ this evening – and agreed with us that this song is a bit outdated

JAMES: What that implies is kind of harsh!

BOGDAN: 5 points from me

JAMES: 6 from me

#7 Vanotek “I’m Coming Home”

BOGDAN: These guys are one of the favourites to do well tonight

JAMES: Let’s see what all the fuss is about

JAMES: This has a very modern sound to it, and I can see why it’s so popular with Romanian fans

BOGDAN: I liked the studio version better, live it’s lost something. But it’s still good

JAMES: Honestly? I don’t like it. Not my kind of music

BOGDAN: It’s a nice song, but it didn’t stand out for me. Points?



JAMES: The judges are saying it’s very modern, and although the show needs some work the energy is there

BOGDAN: They are also noting a lack of a real chorus, something they feel is critical for a winning Eurovision entry

JAMES: It’s something all the recent winners of the contest have had, a good song with a sing-along chorus, so they might be on to something

BOGDAN: Romania want to win this year!

JAMES: And up next is the man who thinks he’s up for the job! 😀 He’s given Romania their highest ever scoring at the contest, and he says he’s on a mission to bring home the gold. This man needs no introductions 😉

BOGDAN: But you’ll have to wait till after the break to see who we mean 😉

BOGDAN: And we’re back in Baia Mare! Did you miss us? 🙂

JAMES: Did you guess who we meant?

#8 Mihai “Paradisio”

JAMES: Of course, it’s Mihai! 10 years after Tornero he’s back!

BOGDAN: He says Paradisio came to him in a dream… so let’s take a look!

JAMES: WOW… I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the staging is quite impressive! Capture.JPG

BOGDAN: I was expecting something a little different and more energetic

JAMES: I was going to say, my one suggestion is Mihai should be with the light dancers and move more – otherwise it’s hard to know who to watch with them being at opposite ends of the stage

JAMES: I think this staging, with a few tweaks, could do very well in Stockholm!

BOGDAN: The judges agreed with James that if the audience are watching Mihai, they miss the dancers and vice-versa. I give it a 7 to 8 though.

JAMES: 8 from me.


JAMES: If the show was staged more like this, together, I think they’d really be on to something incredible.

BOGDAN: Mihai is explaining that he was advised to stage Paradisio like that, to put the focus on the dancers and leave him ‘living in a world of shadows’

JAMES: Ah, ok… guess that makes sense!

#9 Florena “Behind The Shadows”

BOGDAN: One of my favourites up now!

JAMES: The lovely Florena, another one lurking in the shadows

JAMES: A very dark and moody ballad now – which is strange, because Florena has such an angelic little face

BOGDAN: This is perfect for Eurovision!!

JAMES: The staging is awesome, really suits the mood of the song



BOGDAN: The reaction from the audience is electric, it’s definitely got the biggest reaction of the night in the hall

JAMES: Cezar just said it was really sensual, another says it’s fantastic – we definitely agree!

BOGDAN: A 12 from me – loved it!

JAMES: I was a bit doubtful the first time I heard it, but seeing it staged so beautifully and Florena’s stunning vocals… I’m loving it! 10 from me

JAMES:The judges really are full of praise for her… one told her “I think we’ll be seeing you again on Sunday,”

#10 Gașca de Acasă “Tu Ești Povestea”

BOGDAN “Tu Ești Povestea” or “You Are The Story” up next

JAMES: We’re very international and multilingual at Eurovision Ireland 😉

JAMES: The voice is lovely, the song has a very relaxed sound to it and it builds nicely through out

BOGDAN: I think something like this would get lost a bit at Eurovision… it’s a nice song, but doesn’t stand out. 3 points from me

JAMES: You’re right, it’s a nice enough song, but needs a bit more of a wow factor to grab our attention. 6 from me

BOGDAN: The judges seem to agree, saying it’s too tame for Eurovision and that they expected something more

#11 Ovidiu Anton “Moment of Silence”

BOGDAN: Another fan favourite for tonight, a song about the dignity of the people

JAMES: Awesome!

BOGDAN: Ovidiu has an incredibly powerful voice that really suits a rock ballad

JAMES: Did he borrow that coat from Middle Earth? 😛

JAMES: This is very dark and tempestuous for a Eurovision entry… and I think it’s fantastic!

BOGDAN: The staging reminds me of Molitva in a weird way!

BOGDAN: This was a great rock ballad, enjoyed the sound and the staging – 8 points from me

JAMES: This is something really different but it works really well. A 10 for me!

BOGDAN: One of the judges just gave Ovidiu 13 points

JAMES: Someone check the rule book! 😛

BOGDAN: Cezar says he got very emotional listening to the song

JAMES: We did listening here, the power you must get in the hall in Baia Mare must be phenomenal!


BOGDAN: The judges really loved Ovidiu and the emotion he gave his performance

JAMES: The last song of the night up next!

#12 Xandra “Superhuman”

BOGDAN: Last year Romania had a superman in the selection, now we have a superhuman! 😛

JAMES: LOL! It’s a nice song, but was expecting something a bit more dramatic with her vocals

BOGDAN: I’m not so impressed… it has good vocals,  but feels a bit formulaic and like it’s been seen at Eurovision time and time again

JAMES: It’s 6 points from me. Wasn’t at all bad, she sings well, just a bit subdued compared to other entries tonight. Bogdan?

BOGDAN: 7 points from me.

JAMES: The judges said it was a good song, but not one that allowed Xandra to do much

BOGDAN: The audience and viewers at home are being told to prepare their phones… voting must be imminent!

JAMES: Or at least after the break! Be right back Eurovision fans!

JAMES: And we’re back!

BOGDAN: The hosts are explaining how the jury will score the songs, while we’re watching a recap of all tonight’s acts

JAMES: We’ve had some great songs tonight, many of them would make great additions to Eurovision 2016 🙂

BOGDAN: The jury points are in – and the public haven’t started voting yet! The judges will score the songs in the order they performed tonight

JAMES: Ouch… the first 0 of the night for Andra and Nai Nai…

BOGDAN: Dreamwalkers get 3 sets of 10 points and a 12!

JAMES: The first 12 points and puts them firmly in the lead!

BOGDAN: 5 sets of 0 for Mihai Băjinaru…yikes…

JAMES: Rather middling score for Vanotek

BOGDAN: Scores for Mihai and Paradisio…

mihai score

JAMES: One judge gave Florena 6 and the audience are not happy about it!

BOGDAN: But at least she got two sets of 12 and  a 10!

JAMES:The voting is getting tense!

BOGDAN: 3 sets of 12 for Ovidiu Anton!

ovidiu score

BOGDAN: All the votes from the jury have been given out. Remember, only the Top 4 will qualify for Sunday’s live final

JAMES: And another 2 will be selected by public televote

BOGDAN: So who has those first 4 tickets?

The 4 Jury Qualifiers are:

  • The Dream Walkers
  • M I H A I
  • Florena
  • Ovidiu Anton

JAMES: Congratulations to the qualifiers! Here is the scoreboard:

juriu final

BOGDAN: See you on Sunday! Now it’s time for the public to choose 2 more singers to join them. Whose Eurovision dream is not over yet?

BOGDAN: Romania, start voting now!!

JAMES: You have 20 minutes to make or break these performers Eurovision dreams!

BOGDAN: While the audience are treated to a performance from Green Room host Jo, James and I will discuss our  #MagicMic Awards from tonight!


BOGDAN: My #MagicMic Award has to go to Florena! For me she was the queen of the night, beautiful, elegant, a little dark but very very impressive! Well done Florena!


JAMES: An excellent choice! I’m giving my #MagicMic Award to Ovidiu Anton for Moment of Silence. I love this kind of music and it’s great to see such a powerful rock ballad take to the Eurovision stage!


BOGDAN: We also agreed that a Special Mention has to go to Mihai’s dancers during Paradisio – definitely a memorable staging moment and something that could do well in Stockholm


JAMES: Bravo to all our #MagicMic Award winners! 😀

BOGDAN: Bravo!

JAMES: A montage of Jo’s Interval Act performance

BOGDAN: Dana must have taken her coat back….

JAMES: Who do you think will make it into the final 2?

BOGDAN: Vanotek and Doru and Irina. or maybe Xandra, depending on how the public vote. What do you think?

JAMES: I’d like Andra to join everyone on Sunday, but I think it’ll be close

JAMES: While the voting lines are open for a little longer, we get to watch the band Vunk perform. They’re a popular Romanian group

BOGDAN: Romania, stop voting now!

JAMES: Their fate is sealed… but who is still in with a chance of going to Stockholm?

BOGDAN: And we’re back at last in Baia Mare, for the results of the public televote!

JAMES: Or at least we would be, but it’s more from Vunk first!

JAMES: That sounded a lot like Boney M “Ra Ra Rasputin”, but I think that’s just me!

BOGDAN: The results are in… we will be told by the playing of the instrumental version of the 2 winning songs…

JAMES: Interesting way to do it!

BOGDAN: Vanotek are in!

JAMES: And the final ticket goes to Doru Todoruț feat. Irina Baianț!


BOGDAN: Thank you all for watching! Congratulations to all the finalists!

JAMES: It was a great show, see you all in the final!

Good Night ROMANIA! Good Night EUROPE!

Authors: James Scanlan, Bogdan Stefan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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