Poland: Judge and Jury – We review Kasia Mos’ song ‘Addiction’


On Saturday 5th March, Krajowe Eliminacje 2016 takes place in Poland. 9 songs will go head-to-head and the winner will go on to be the Polish entry for Eurovision 2016 at Stockholm. Let’s take a look at song number three:

Kasia Moś – Addiction

Jen’s Verdict: I’m not sure this is up-tempo enough to make it to Eurovision, to be honest. That said, I like the way the electronic melody slinks along, entwined with Kasia’s powerful vocal. Understated? Maybe just a little. 6 points.

Garrett’s Verdict: Well if the video is recreated in the national final then my inner Jane Fonda will be dusting off my leotard and feeling the burns! Damn Poland have a top-notch selection this year for Eurovision! Move over Melodifestivalen – there is a new selection stealing the show. I can say that this song is right up my street – which is one way to #Fabulous! Drum-n-Bass with German electronic vibes going on. Then you add in Kasia’s amazing voice and it’s just wow! This you could see on the charts with ease! It’s modern and contemporary. However I love that but would the more mature jury voters get this song’s brilliance? There is the potential risk with this song. I love it and have to give it 10 points – though I know the schlager loving brigade (which I renew my membership for each year) may find it more challenging.

James’ Verdict: Listening to Kasia, I’m waiting for the song to feel like it’s started…  it doesn’t grab me immediately and is a bit too techno-sounding for my taste. I’m not faulting her vocals at all (which are fantastic!), I just don’t like this particular genre. 6 points


That gives Kasia 22 points out of 36

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