POLAND : Judge and Jury – We Review Michael Szpack’s ‘Colour Of Your Life’


On Saturday 5th March, Krajowe Eliminacje 2016 takes place in Poland. 9 songs will go head-to-head and the winner will go on to be the Polish entry for Eurovision 2016 at Stockholm. Let’s take a look at song number five:

Michael Szpack – Colour Of Your Life

Jen’s verdict: This is a power-ballad to be reckoned with. If the Polish voters decide to go with a slow number over a fast song, this could be the one. It’s a little soppy for my tastes but I can see it winning favour on the night. Nine points.

John’s verdict: This is an interesting mid-tempo sort of thing. I can imagine it in Melodifestivalen but only making the Andra Chansen show. I’ll give it credit for the sentiment which has a pleasant message. However I can only call it pleasant. Having heard some of the others, I honestly can’t see this song winning. Sorry Michaeł. I’ll give it five points.

Garrett’s Verdict: If this song was a car it would be a Volvo – reliable, safe and generic. I can’t criticise Michael’s vocals as they are good. He has fabulous hair and coming from a shaved headed Adonis like myself (one laughs) I am jealous. Some nice ‘Oh Oh Oh’s’ and that all important key change, Michael has the hair that he can utilize a wind machine with great effect. This song would have been ideal in an early 1990’s Michael Bolton or Richard Marx album. In 2016 it is the suburban take the kids to soccer practice in the Volvo on Saturday song – no offense to anyone who drives a Volvo, who has kids, who does the soccer run or who still has a Michael Bolton poster on their wall 🙂 6 Points

Total Points for Michael Szpack and ‘Colour Of Your Life’ – 20 out of 36 points



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