Poland: Judge and Jury – We review Edyta Gorniak’s song ‘Grateful’

Edyta Górniak - Your High. Photo : YouTube

Edyta Górniak – Your High. Photo : YouTube

On Saturday 5th March, Krajowe Eliminacje 2016 takes place in Poland. 9 songs will go head-to-head and the winner will go on to be the Polish entry for Eurovision 2016 at Stockholm. Let’s take a look at song number two:

Edyta Gorniak – Grateful

Jen’s Verdict: Eurovision veteran Edyta really knows how to work this song. I hear shades of Karen Carpenter’s velvety tones in her delivery as she builds the song to a climax, giving it her all. Liking this one. 10 points.

Garrett’s Verdict: The Polish Diva is back! Why has it taken so long Edyta? This is what I call a timeless classic! Just like in 1994, I have goose bumps listening to ‘Grateful’. How Edyta moves from her lower ranges to the falsetto is faultless! The climax of the song just leaves you feeling WOW. Am I fangirling too much? I really don’t care if I am. This could win the Jury vote and go Top 3 with the public at Eurovision. This is a moment waiting to happen! 12 Points

James’ Verdict: Miss Górniak brought Poland what was (at the time) the most successful Eurovision debut of any country by taking 2nd place. I must say, I am always dubious when a veteran returns to the contest (quit while you’re ahead and all that) but I must say, ‘Grateful’ is a solid ballad and flawlessly delivered. Just as in 1994, this is sure to pull in votes from around the continent. Can it win? I’m not convinced yet. But definitely a contender for Top 10! 8 points

John’s Verdict: This is a very sumptuous song. Lots of depth and friendly orchestration. And to cap it all the classy voice of Ms Górniak to sell this. This is a darn fine ballad which draws you in. Warsaw in 2017? It could happen if the people of Europe go for this. And with someone of Edyta’s pedigree, she might be a tough act to beat. 10 points

That gives Edyta Górniak a huge 40/48 Points so far.

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  1. I hope Edyta gets picked classy in 94 & classy in 16, such a powerhouse vocalist, she deserves it.

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