Eurovision 2016

NORWAY: Live Rolling Blog of ‘Melodi Grand Prix’ – #JoinUs at 20:55CET

Please let there be no Monsters coming out of Norway this year!

Time for Norway to take to the National Final stage and select their song for Eurovision 2016.

Join us at 20:55 CET for our LIVE BLOG. You know the drill – just refresh the page for full updates and our thoughts on the performances.

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How To Watch

The show starts at 20:55 CET. You can watch Internationally using the link HERE.


And we are off. Richard back for my final LIVE BLOG of this National Final season – however please don’t cry, as I’m taking Eurovision Ireland On Tour over the coming weeks. I’ll have more details about this later!

After a short video introduction of the hosts supposedly going to war at see, we are greeted with a musical opening number by them – including the introduction to tonight’s artists.

1 The Hungry Hearts feat. Lisa Dillan – ‘Laika’

2 Laika

Has Tim Peake entered the Norwegian MGP from outer space? Never did I expect such a futuristic disco entry. The best way to explain this pink and silver vision is a female Alcazar.There is one problem though, there are seven of them and Eurovision rules only allow six performers on stage. It is a really fun and lively entry though.

2 Stage Dolls – ‘Into the Fire’

3 Into the fire

The Stage Dolls have come along with an Anthem for an entry. Where have we heard o-o-oo-oo before? Oh yes, Joe and Jake last night with ‘You’re Not Alone’ on Eurovision: You Decide! Anthems maybe the way forward this year!

3 Stine Hole Ulla – ‘Traces’

4 Traces

Traces is quite simply a nice and lovely ballad – but that is all, NICE. It picks up near the end, but to close to the end. If and it’s a big IF, this would struggle to qualify.

4 Makeda – ‘Stand Up’

5 Stand Up

I’m loving Stand Up. This has a real sixties psychedelic vibe to it. Everyone loves a bit of this era on a disco floor and it’s not as if we haven’t heard this on the Eurovision stage in recent years after all is it? Makedo’s costume left more than to be desired. More was on show than required – but it like that!

5 Pegasus – ‘Anyway’

6 Anyway

Pegasus has a nice, uptempo ballad in Anyway. Although nice, this has a lot more body and spectrum than Traces did. I would like to see this again in the Super Final later on. It’s not something we are use to seeing on the Eurovision stage as often.

6 Freddy Kalas – ‘Feel Da Rush’

7 Feel Da Rush

Feel Da Rush? I’ve seen more action at a carnival from a chocolate tea pot if I’m honest. The poor man is trying, but Sean Banan he is not! A few salsa and samba lessons wouldn’t have gone amiss.

7 Laila Samuels – ‘Afterglow’

8 Afterglow

Afterglow is a spine-chilling piece of music. Anyone would think we were in the land of Nordic Noir with this dark and deep entry from Laila. Laila executes this well with plenty of emotion and has sold it tonight!

8 Elouiz – ‘History’

9 History

There is something quite simply odd about History. Elouiz looks as if she is singing within a circle of manikins, however these spookily come to life during the song. I’m not sure what this ‘odd’ element has to do with the song. Get rid of the dancers, this entry would work well – I think.

9 Suite 16 – ‘Anna Lee’

10 Anna Lee

Welcome on stage the Norwegian version of One Direction, pining after Anna Lee. If a boyband is what Norway is looking for, it’s certainly not what Eurovision is looking for. This would fail to qualify – only young girls would vote for this.

10 Agnete – ‘Icebreaker’

11 Icebreaker

Agnete shows us exactly why she is the favourite and Icebreaker is what it’s called. The verses are nice, uptempo disco beats and then the chilling chorus comes along when everything turns ice cold. Fantastic – the sound track to my Nordic Noir evenings!

First Interval

After the recap, the hosts introduced the Norwegian version of Christer Bjorkman who revealed his all time favourite Norwegian entry ever – I didn’t catch the artist or song, but see if you recognise her.

13 old person

Then we had the reprise of A Monster Like Me with added choir.

14 nor15

Super Final

The following songs got a second chance in the Super Final!

Song 7 Laila Samuels – ‘Afterglow’

Song 9 Suite 16 – ‘Anna Lee’

Song 10 Agnete – ‘Icebreaker’

Song 6 Freddy Kalas – ‘Feel Da Rush’

Second Interval

Our hostess of the evening gives a rendition of ‘Voi Voi’ to remember Nora Brockstedt, who we sadly lost last year. Voi Voi was the first entry to take part at Eurovision for Norway back 1960.

15 host

Eurovision Ireland On Tour 2016

Earlier I mentioned this was my last LIVE BLOG of the 2016 National Final season. This is because I’ll be at National Finals in person. Look out for my article on the UK NF over the next 24hrs – with further details of the tour.

#MagicMic Award

#MagicMic - Sascha Frasz Graphic Design

While Freddy Kalas reprises his song in the Super Final, I’ll award this year’s Melodi Grand Prix #MagicMic award. Earlier we had a couple of ‘nice’ songs and we know these don’t work at Eurovision. This week Pegasus wins as, even though ‘Anyway’ fell under the nice bracket, it could’ve gone a lot further with some adjustments. It’s such a shame when the likes of Freddy Kalas have done better.


Agnete won convincingly with 166728 points and will take Icebreaker to Stockholm. Freddy Kalas finished 2nd with 88128 points, Suite 16 were third with 56671 points and Laila was fourth with 48865 points.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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