Eurovision 2015

#Hungary – Live blog of the A Dal Final – Here from 1940 CET on #Super Saturday


Hungary – Join us tonight at 19:40 CET for our LIVE rolling blog of the Final of A Dal 2016 – the 6th and final show.

8 acts will compete for a place in the Grand final one week tonight tonight. . You can watch the show live here at 19:40 CET and just refresh our page here to get the views, comments and strangely unique points of view from Phil Colclough of OnEurope who needs you to keep him awake tonight!!


The 8 Acts Tonight 

  • Uncle Tom – Mushu
  • Már nem szédülök – Parno Graszt
  • Seven Seas – Olivér Berkes & Andi Tóth
  • Trouble in My Mind – Petruska
  • Győz a jó – Gergő Oláh
  • Pioneer – Freddie
  • Who We Are – Kállay Saunders Band
  • Why – André Vásáry


The results will be a combination of a Jury and Audience Vote.  In a voting change, the first round will be Jury, each member giving 4-6-8-10 points to their top 4 songs.  The top 4 progress to the televote.

So sit back and get ready as Phil gets himself set for his 6th and Final A Dal blog of the year – JUST REFRESH THE PAGE for the upto date comments – at your own risk!


Evening Europe and welcome to the final of A Dal.  – Opening with interpretative dance to Euphoria.  It also sounds like Bogie and Ryback will be turning up tonight as well.

The Jury have just descended from the heavens… ooh dear!!

  • Uncle Tom – Mushu


Managed to get the draw updated just in time.  Firstly we have Mushu taking to the stage.   This is the third time i’ve seen this and it’s finally found its niche, as a show opener.  Lead singer certainly has soul but the song has a lack of anything.  It just seems to be trying too hard for me to be “street” and “Urban”.  I think that in this field it’s not got that edge.

Remember, no jury scores immediately this time round, but they get spoken to by the great and the good.

  • Már nem szédülök – Parno Graszt


And on we move quickly to song number two.  The gypsy dancing and sounding Parno Graszt.  This song certainly fills the ethnic quota and has a pretty girl and a good sound.  However, this final is certainly a one or two horse race and, in racing parlance, this seems to have fell at the first hurdle. It is very jury friendly though and should see it through to the final but I fear it may be struggling when it gets that far.

  • Seven Seas – Olivér Berkes & Andi Tóth


Still totally baffled how this song scored so highly last week and how it’s got this far at all!! – Maybe I aren’t seeing what the jury are seeing. Oliver sounds totally out of tune and Andi seems to be trying too hard.  They also break the golden rule, it’s a DUET… SING TOGETHER… not stand on opposite sides of the stage.  the really doesn’t have a hope…. but i’ve been saying that for the last 3 weeks.

  • Trouble in My Mind – Petruska


Another one from that loaded third quarter final.  The 50’s sounding swing with the violin is back.  Your Beardy man seems to be singing too many words for it to stick in my opinion but the jury seem to be bopping along to it.   I think its struggling to get into the top four.

And so, after our half time break we are back!

  • Győz a jó – Gergő Oláh


As Wogan would have said ” A Whiff of the Souk” with this one.  It took me a minute to work out what it was, then I realised it was sand dance boy from last weeks semi final.  It’s also took me 6 weeks to say “Wilson, Keppel and Betty have no dangers” you will need to google that one!.  The song is good, but it is going to get blown away by the next two. Lots of Eastern European yodelling and local fiddling.  again the ethnic quota is high here.

  • Pioneer – Freddie


THIS MUST BE THE WINNER.  The highest scoring song in the preliminaries, Pioneer has everything.  Good voice, classic anthemic quality, good looking lad at the front, a song he believes in…. this is head and shoulders above everything that has gone before and should well beat Kallay Saunders.  The stage show enhances the song and is not over powering and it looks like it has Stockholm in mind.  If this wins this bit, it’s a danger for Sweden for the whole thing.

  • Who We Are – Kállay Saunders BandCapture

Kallay, the pre-contest favourite, has had to follow Freddie for the 2nd week in a row and whilst this is a good earthy “dirty” song, it isn’t a patch on Freddie’s.  This one seems to lose it’s way and the gravel texture of his voice and the thump thump nature of this song makes the jury and public face a stark choice, and I think it’s against this one.


We’re getting Kallay again….

I suspect some technical jiggery pokery has gone on here and he is getting another go and it’s sounding better.  Am told he couldn’t hear himself from the playback.  and upon listening it seems clear that is right.  The Jury asked him to sing it again, and he did and he looks close to tears as they talk to him.  A very disturbing thing to happen to a live performer.

  • Why – André Vásáry


And *now* we get to the last song and, just like last night in the UK, we have the ..ahem…. g*y singing a song that would not be out of place in Ku Bar or the Tip Top club in Stockholm or NG1 in Nottingham!!  He’s no stranger to the rhyming dictionarybut he seems to be a stranger to music GCSE.  This song has him wailing at the top of his voice and its just a dirge.  Sorry.

#Magic Mic Award

ME!  – For getting through 6 weeks of this without killing anyone.  Seriously though, Kallay Saunders for singing his song a 2nd time without time to reset… that takes guts.


#MagicMic - Sascha Frasz Graphic Design


  • Uncle Tom – Mushu – 0
  • Már nem szédülök – Parno Graszt  – 4
  • Seven Seas – Olivér Berkes & Andi Tóth – 4
  • Trouble in My Mind – Petruska- 14
  • Győz a jó – Gergő Oláh – 28
  • Pioneer – Freddie – 34
  • Who We Are – Kállay Saunders Band – 18
  • Why – André Vásáry – 10

Arguably the best 4 songs got through to the final.


  • Pioneer – Freddie – YAYAYAYAY!


Thank you for my tens of viewers over the last weeks – glad to have kept you mildly entertained.  Thank you to Garrett for allowing me to write this s**** and thank you to Freddie!

Until next we meet (Probably in Stockholm) – tara!!

Phil Colclough

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