MOLDOVA: Live Rolling Blog of ‘O Melodie Pentru Europa’ FINAL– #JoinUs at 18:40 CET

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Bună seara! Chişinău calling! On Tuesday we found out the first 8 qualifiers  and if you watched our Live blog, covering the 2nd semi final, you already know the full list of competitors of tonight’s Final “O Melodie Pentru Europa” – Moldova’s event for selecting the act to go to Eurovision!

Tonight 16 finalists will sing for a chance to compete in Stockholm in May.

As treats we’ll have the Moldovan Eurovision 2012 representative Pasha Parfeny and dance group Space.

James and Bogdan, a.k.a #JamDan invite you to  #JoinUs at 18:40 CET for the LIVE BLOG of  The Moldova’s Final!. You know the drill – just refresh the page for full updates and our thoughts on the performances.

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We’re hoping for a great show tonight so “Don’t Run Away” – Moldova are heading to Eurovision!

How To Watch


The Show starts at 18:40 CET

Watch the show using either this link or this one


Running Order

The participants of tonight’s final in order of appearance:

  1. Valentin Uzun– Mine
  2. Maxim Zavidia– La La Love
  3. Doinița Gherman– Irresistible
  4. Lidia Isac– Falling Stars
  5. Big Flash Sound– Când Vrei
  6. Che-MD– Vodă E Cu Noi
  7. Andrei Ionița & Onoffrei– Lie
  8. Cristina Pintilie– Picture of Love
  9. Nadia Moșneagu– Memories
  10. Rodica & Ivan Aculov– Stop Lying
  11. Emilia Russu– I Am Not The Same
  12. Viola– In The Name of Love
  13. DoReDoS– FunnyFolk
  14. Max Fall feat. Dan Vozniuc & Malloy– Game L-Over
  15. Valeria Pașa– Save Love
  16. Felicia Dunaf– You and Me


How The WINNER Will Be Selected

Moldova’s Eurovision 2016 representative for Stockholm will be selected from a mixture of Public Televote and an Expert Jury.


LIVE BLOG – Starts 18:40 CET Here

You know the drill by now! You just refresh the page after each song for our comments. Don’t forget we will be awarding our #MagicMic Award for the most memorable moment of the show!

JAMES: Bună seara Europa! Aici este Chişinău! Good evening Europe, Moldova calling! Take you seats please, the show is about to begin! 😀

BOGDAN: Eurovision Super Saturday kicks off with O Melodie Pentru Europa!


JAMES: The show begins! Another all singing, all dancing intro to get us started


BOGDAN: The group is called Space


BOGDAN: Falling Stars.. a good omen for Lidia? 😉

JAMES: It may well be a sign!


JAMES: Tonight’s hosts in Moldova

BOGDAN: Isn’t that Valentina Monetta’s gown from 2013?

JAMES: Certainly looks like it!


JAMES: Liviu back in the Green Room tonight – doesn’t he look smart!



JAMES: Haha! They’re telling everyone how to vote for tonight’s 16 contestants

BOGDAN: Some great singers tonight, but only one can go to Stockholm!

JAMES: Can’t we send them all? 0:-)

BOGDAN: What about the 6 people on stage rule? 😛

JAMES: Oh yeah… 😛

JAMES: 11 jury members tonight

BOGDAN: That’s a lot!

JAMES: We’re now being treated to a video montage of the Swedish capital Stockholm – looks lovely, can’t wait to be there in May!

BOGDAN: Lots of water in Stockholm… maybe Building Bridges would have been a better motto for this year’s contest! 😛

JAMES: The televoting lines are open now – Moldova, start voting!

BOGDAN: Here we go!

  1. Valentin Uzun– Mine

JAMES: Valentin and his band have quite a Balkan jazz sound to them… I like it!


BOGDAN: This reminds me quite a bit of Pasha Parfeny…


JAMES: I’m no musician, but I’m pretty sure trumpets shouldn’t do that…

BOGDAN: No, but it still gets 6 points from me!

JAMES: 5 from me. Didn’t quite live up to my first expectations.


  1. Maxim Zavidia– La La Love



JAMES: Moldvan Electro-Velvet?

BOGDAN: It’s pleasant enough, but it’s missing something

JAMES: I agree, no real wow factor to it, but not a bad song

BOGDAN: Bit too repetitive for me.

JAMES: Felt like it didn’t start for me… points? For me it’s a 5

BOGDAN: 5 here too


  1. Doinița Gherman– Irresistible

BOGDAN: This is the 8th consecutive year Doinița has tried to take part at Eurovision!

JAMES: Talk about persistent!


BOGDAN: Definitely memorable!

JAMES: Strange that it looks so futuristic, but sounds so traditional!

BOGDAN: Liking the moon shields

JAMES: I thought those were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

JAMES: The flute reminds me so much of NOX from Hungary 2005!

BOGDAN: A very dramatic performance! A bit too much for me though, but it gets a 7

JAMES: I quite liked it, it shouldn’t work but it did – 8!


  1. Lidia Isac– Falling Stars

BOGDAN: Now Lidia topped the televote during the last semi final… she may be one to watch tonight


BOGDAN: A touch of Polina in there, no?

JAMES: Just a little… very impressive visual show though!

BOGDAN: Some movement would be nice though, I had higher hopes for the favourite


JAMES: A bit of dancing and that could be a great entry. 6

BOGDAN: I was hoping for more as it’s a great dancing tune. 7

JAMES: Quick break for us here in Moldova, but check back soon!

JAMES: Wow, that was quick, we’re already back!

BOGDAN: 16 songs tonight, we need to keep going!

JAMES: Indeed! Liviu is chatting to the contestants who have already performed and are waiting in the Green Room


JAMES: Bow ties are apparently very ‘in’ in Moldova this year! Every one looks really smart and sophisticated!

BOGDAN: The next 4 acts, coming up now!

  1. Big Flash Sound– Când Vrei


JAMES: Talk about Glorious Technicolour!

BOGDAN: Not really my cup of tea…

JAMES: Nor mine, but definitely a colourful show!


BOGDAN: Still reminds me of Serbia’s Caroban in 2011. For the colourful performance, 7, even if I don’t like the song too much

JAMES: 6 from me – very colourful!


  1. Che-MD– Vodă E Cu Noi

BOGDAN: These guys are from the same town my father was born in! Didn’t know that!


JAMES: Brace yourself… Eurovision is coming…

JAMES: I quite like this, nice to hear a non-English song. Quite different, with good traditional elements. An 10 from me

BOGDAN: Very haunting voice… but he sounds like he’s shouting… only a 6 from me


  1. Andrei Ionița & Onoffrei– Lie

BOGDAN: Interesting that they put two very similar sounding songs so close together in the running order…

JAMES: I’ve just been corrected that last time I told you this was lie as in lying… but it’s actually Moldovan for lark… oops! Sorry for any confusion!


BOGDAN: Very dramatic song

JAMES: I like bits of the music, costumes and the staging, but otherwise I’m not really a fan of this

BOGDAN: It’s a 5 from me

JAMES: 5 from me too – mostly for the costumes


  1. Cristina Pintilie– Picture of Love

BOGDAN: Cristina says that “Love will save the world”

JAMES: Awww…


JAMES: I love the inventive staging of this, and I think a lot of other Eurovision fans will too


BOGDAN: I like this one too, 8 points. I like it more than I did during the semi final

JAMES: I’m going to give it a 12 – I think this should go to Stockholm!

BOGDAN: Liviu is charming his way around the Green Room again

JAMES: On with the show! And Moldova’s very own Barbara Streisand is up next! Don’t believe us? Keep watching…

  1. Nadia Moșneagu– Memories


JAMES: She’s toned down everything from the semi except the voice – and it’s phenomenal!

BOGDAN: This is really awesome

JAMES: Moldova, there’s a spot in the Top 10 with your name on it!

BOGDAN: Very dramatic and powerful

JAMES: 12 points from me. It deserves nothing less



  1. Rodica & Ivan Aculov– Stop Lying

BOGDAN: These guys are husband and wife

JAMES: Interesting title for a song sung by a married couple… 0_0


BOGDAN: Ever seen the movie Divergent? These guys must belong to Dauntless 😉

JAMES: Well, you need to be fearless to tackle Eurovision! 😉

JAMES: I quite like this, it’s a solid rock ballad. An 8 from me

BOGDAN: 6 from me. Too much repetition for me.

JAMES: You’re a hard man to please, Bogdan! 😛


  1. Emilia Russu– I Am Not The Same

JAMES: Emilia almost didn’t make it to tonight’s final, but the Moldovan public voted her back in

BOGDAN: This is very much a typical Eurovision ballad… but I don’t know… I’m not really feeling it


JAMES: I disagree, with a bit of work I think this has potential!

BOGDAN: Points?


BOGDAN: 7 from me to0


  1. Viola– In The Name of Love

BOGDAN: Quite a jazz feeling number from Viola

JAMES: Loving the hand puppetry, it’s something interesting and different for the Eurovision stage – just take a look!



JAMES: I was so taken in by the staging, I didn’t really take much note of the song… but a 7 for innovative staging

BOGDAN: 7 points from me. I wonder if this kind of staging might get lost on the bigger Swedish stage?

JAMES: Very true, but if it’s done right it can work.

BOGDAN: Only 4 songs left! It’s gone quick tonight!

JAMES: More back stage chatter in the Green Room – bet they’re getting nervous in there!

  1. DoReDoS– FunnyFolk


JAMES: Moldova’s answer the Glee? The guy on the left looks like Artie!


JAMES: WOW – They really went for traditional in a big way! Nice to see something with a bit of local flavour to it!

BOGDAN: Had an entertaining sound, but needs something a little more for me… 7 points

JAMES: 7 from me too. Great visisual show, enjoyed it!


  1. Max Fall feat. Dan Vozniuc & Malloy– Game L-Over

JAMES: Continuing with our list of look-a-likes, Zac Efron up now!



JAMES: The song doesn’t do much for me… he sounds like he is straining his voice a little… but at least the crowd really loved him!

BOGDAN: Didn’t grab me either. 6 points

JAMES: 4 from me


  1. Valeria Pașa– Save Love

BOGDAN: Valeria won the first semi final earlier this week. Has a bit of a 90s vibe to it, but it presented really well


BOGDAN: She looks like a goddess, don’t you agree?

JAMES: Yes, beautiful and simple staging too. I think a song like this could do well for Moldova in Stockholm. 10 points

BOGDAN: I think this has the potential to win tonight. 10 points

JAMES: Our last act of the night up now!

  1. Felicia Dunaf– You and Me

BOGDAN: This is Felicia’s 3rd try for Eurovision, bless her

JAMES: She was voted through by the public after missing out on the Top 7 in the second semi


JAMES: Very much a Eurovision ballad

BOGDAN: I’m enjoying the rhythm and the dancers. Make it more interesting to watch. Her vocals are more confident this time too

JAMES: The dancers detract from it all for me

JAMES: What a song to end tonight on. 8 points for me

BOGDAN: A 7, maybe an 8 from me… it has the potential!


JAMES: More hi-jinx with Liviu in the Green Room… they’re laughing, but sounds a touch nervous… and who can blame them!

BOGDAN: Soon, one of these singers will be on their way to Sweden representing Moldova!

JAMES: We’re now having a recap of the 16 hopefuls all vying for that ticket to Stockholm

BOGDAN: The contestants make their pleas for last minute votes… their fate is in your hands, Moldova!



JAMES: So… Moldova has a Eurovision contestant… but we’ll have to wait to see who 😉

BOGDAN: While we wait, we’ll give out our  #MagicMic Awards for the evening!

#MagicMic Award 

#MagicMic - Sascha Frasz Graphic Design

BOGDAN: Tonight my  #MagicMic Award goes to Doinița Gherman and Irresistible. Nox+Star Wars+Folk = Over The Top but truly memorable!


JAMES: A great moment! Definitely a highlight of the show, but my  #MagicMic Award is going to our opening act Valentin Uzun and his pyrotechnic trumpet – Eurovision is made of such moments!


Interval Act

JAMES: Our interval act tonight in Chişinău is none other than Moldovan Eurovision veteran Pahsa Parfeny!! And the crowd are loving him!

BOGDAN: He hasn’t sang his Eurovision song yet… but that’s sure to get the crowd even more excited if he does!




BOGDAN: So, any ideas who will win tonight, James?

JAMES: Honestly? No! I think it’ll be a close one tonight…. there are several songs that would be great choices

BOGDAN: I agree. It’s interesting, Valeria was popular with the jury, but less so with the public during the semi and Lidia was the opposite – so who goes to Sweden could well be anyone’s guess!



JAMES: These results are from the SEMI FINALS folks, not tonight! Don’t worry, you haven’t missed it!


JAMES: Pasha’s Eurovision song gets a colourful (and Irish dance inspired?) make over!


BOGDAN: Pasha is really putting his heart and soul into this performance! Bravo!

JAMES: He really is, he’s a great performer!


BOGDAN: We’re getting closer to results time here in Chişinău

JAMES: Fun fact! Chişinău is pronounced like ki-shi-now – we’re very international here at Eurovision Ireland!

BOGDAN: The juries are giving their results – the first 12 goes to Cristina!

JAMES: Another 12 to Cristina – if she keeps up like this, we may well have our winner!

BOGDAN: Valeria is pulling ahead now

JAMES: Big Flash Sound are also doing well, picking up a lot of votes from the jury

BOGDAN: This is where things could get interesting… the Moldovan public has had very different views from those of the jury during the semis!

JAMES: We’ve also got 2 nul points so far! It’s Vienna all over again!

JAMES: Never mind, Emilia just got 5… but still nothing for Che-MD!

BOGDAN: Valeria is in the lead, Cristina is 2nd

JAMES: Eurovision veteran Aliona Moon giving her points now


BOGDAN: Aliona gave her 12 to Valeria!

JAMES: Valeria is in the lead, then Cristina, then Lidia

BOGDAN: Now the public results…

BOGDAN: After the break!!! OH THE SUSPENSE!!!

JAMES: While they tease us, here’s the scoreboard after the jury voted:


JAMES: And we’re back!

BOGDAN: Just in time for another video montage of Stockholm…

JAMES: They’ve really got us on the edge of our seats!!

BOGDAN: And the winner… is Lidia Isac with Falling Stars! Congratulations!

JAMES: Congratulations! The public gave their 12 to Lidia!

lidia winner

BOGDAN: Thank you for reading us tonight!

JAMES: It was a pleasure to share yet another Eurovision National Selection with you!

FROM BOTH OF US: Good night Moldova, Good Night Europe and Good Luck to Lidia Isac!


Authors: James Scanlan, Bogdan Stefan

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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