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Hi there it is Andrew Main here.  It is time for Slovenia to get their groove on and select their song for Eurovision 2016 so come and  join us at 20:00CET for our LIVE BLOG of ‘EMA 2016’.

You know the drill – just refresh the page for full updates and our thoughts on the performances.

The RTVSLO Studio 1 in Ljubljana is the venue where 10 acts compete in the final and will be hosted by Klemen Slakonja, the famous Slovenian TV moderator, actor and singer. He also hosted in 2011 and 2012. He will be joined by Nejc Šmit in the green room who hosted last year.

You can go back and listen to the competing songs in this years show  HERE

How To Watch


The Show starts at 20:00 CET

You can watch internationally using the following link HERE


Running Order

  1. Anja Baš – What If
  2. Žan Serčič – Summer Story
  3. Anja Kotar – Too Cool
  4. San Di Ego Band – Brez Tebe
  5. D Base – Spet Živ
  6. Regina – Alive In Every Way
  7. ManuElla – Blue And Red
  8. Raiven – Črno Bel
  9. Nuša Derenda – Tip Top
  10. Sebastijan Lukovnjak – Tales Of Tomorrow
Seven artists will perform their entries in English and three in Slovenian



How The Winner Will Be Selected


The winner will be selected through 2 rounds of voting.

In the first round the top 2 will be chosen by an expert jury.

In the second round, the winner will be chosen by SMS and mobile app voting.




LIVE BLOG – Starts 20:00 CET Here


You know the drill by now peeps. You just refresh the page after each song for our comments. Don’t forget we will be awarding our #MagicMic Award for the most memorable moment of the show!


We start with a homage to Mans song Heroes in Slovenian and with alternate lyrics.


We are now getting an introduction from our host.

He is on wires up in the air as if he was in the circus. He is chatting to a bearded guy on a ladder and a man dressed as a woman(Daria). Only at Eurovision!



He is explaining about the songs 7 in English and 3 in Slovenian.



Anja Baš – What If

Anja is on first tonight and is singing a pleasant mid tempo song and accompanied by a female dancer. She wears a rather revealing white dress. The song is a bit screechy at times but overall a decent start.


Žan Serčič – Summer Story

Zan on next he has a guitar and a backing group. A very nice bouncy number here very feel good. Zan is also in good voice and very easy on the eye. I can see this doing well at Eurovision and would get people to dance and singalong.


Anja Kotar – Too Cool

Another girl called Anja on next. Kotar this time though she is resplendent on stage in silver. Another mid tempo song too a bit more contemporary than the others seen so far. Again it is perfectly pleasant but inclined to think not memorable enough to do well.

Anja Kotar

San Di Ego Band – Brez Tebe

Our first song in Slovenian tonight. San Di Ego are a heavy metal band playing a very laid back ballad. It has lead singer at the piano and lots of guitar riffs going on and it builds well. I am liking this a lot as it appeals to my inner rocker. This could go down well with the jury.


D Base – Spet Živ

And now we have another song in Slovenian, they are like buses 2 come along all at once. Another group called

D Base with a totally different sound. We have rap with some melodic singing along the way but mainly rap. One of the singers has a megaphone. This is not really my cup of tea as I feel the rap spoils what could otherwise be a decent song.

D Base

Regina – Alive In Every Way

Now we have a Eurovision veteran as Regina sang for Slovenia in 1996 coming 21st. Regina has black butterflies all over her dress. Accompanied by a dishy guitarist. The song is a mix of melodic guitar sounds and a bit of uptempo high energy disco. An interesting song for sure but may be a bit dated. Otherwise I enjoyed it.


ManuElla – Blue And Red

Now this is an interesting mix of a song , It has a slight country feel to it but is also very bouncy and uptempo. I am liking the mixture a lot. Manuella is a great little singer too and backed by a band. We have a key change which is very Eurovision. May do well tonight.


Raiven – Črno Bel

Now this is interesting Raiven has long flowing pink hair and sings a very haunting number which has a good contemporary feel to it, very mysterious. We have an oufit reveal midway through and a harpist on stage too. I like this song for its originality.


Nuša Derenda – Tip Top 

Another Eurovision veteran returning tonight as Nusa sang for Slovenia in 2001 finishing a credible 7th with Energy. Her song tonight is Tip Top , a possible homage to a former Swedish gay club in Stockholm? This is also a high energy number with hints of a Bond theme tune. I like it but sounds a little bit disjointed at times.


Sebastijan Lukovnjak – Tales Of Tomorrow

The last song of the night has a mix of country and singalong its very MOR. Also sung well it is very inoffensive to the ear and he is also very easy on the eye, but I feel it does not have that extra sparkle to shine at Eurovision.







So this is up to the jury as to who goes through to the 2 place super final.

We are getting a recap of the songs now.





Ok here is my prediction for the Top 2 to go through to the Grand Final vote.

I think ManuElla will go through along with Raiven. Although I have high hopes also for San Di Ego Band

and also Zan Sercic.




#MagicMic Award

#MagicMic - Sascha Frasz Graphic Design


 My Magic Mic award goes to Nusa Derenda for her high energy bond theme song adding a bit of campness to the proceedings. I love a bit of camp I do.



WE have last years representatives singing a song called a New Day.  This should be their entry this year to be honest it is a great song.



The first Super Finalist is ManuElla and the second one is Raiven.

Well I got that spot on tonight. So we now go to a televote between these two to choose the winner.

So we have both singing again. ManuElla is up first. Another great performance.


Raiven on next and also a great performance. This could well be a close run thing as both are worthy songs for Eurovision.



So we are just waiting now till the voting closes for a result.

We are entertained by Maraaja followed by Sestre.



The winner is ManuElla with Blue and Red.

I hope you all enjoyed the show and comments.


Author Andrew Main

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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