CYPRUS : Listen to Minus One’s song for Eurovision ‘Alter Ego’ – Do you like it?

Minus One Alter Ego

Eurovision + Cyprus + Minus One = ‘Alter Ego’

We have been waiting to hear the song from Cyprus for a long time. Actually ever since they were in the Cypriot national selection for Eurovision 2015.

The time has come to hear the song that they composed with Eurovision winning composer Thomas G:Son. They were Singing Elves at Christmas but now we get to see and hear their Alter Ego’ now. (See what I did there)

Francois Micheletto may have passed the blind auditions of ‘The Voice’ in France last weekend but he is NOT leaving the band and he is certainly going to be rocking it in Stockholm with the rest of Minus One.

We #Love the song! Great to have some authentic rock in the contest! #BringItOn

So what do you think of ‘Alter Ego’. Can it bring Cyprus to the grand final of Eurovision again? Could they give Cyprus their first win at the contest?

Let us know – Comment below!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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