CYPRUS : Minus One will bring ‘Alter Ego’ to Eurovision

Minus One Artwork

It’s Alive! The beast that we love here at Eurovision Ireland – Minus One from Cyprus – have announced the title of their entry for Eurovision.

They are not backwards in coming forward and therefore it is rather fitting that the band have announced via social media that their song for Eurovision 2016 will be called ‘Alter Ego’ – personally my ‘Alter Ego’ is James Bond but when he is at the bar knocking back a few martinis ‘Shaken not Stirred’

The band was recently in Sweden recording the song ‘Alter Ego’ with Eurovision winning composer Thomas G:son – SEE HERE

The song will be released on February 22nd – counting the days down guys!

I think the ban’s ‘Alter Ego’ is One Direction 😉


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Twitter


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