Eurovision 2016

UK : Eurovision Representative will be decided by 100% Public Vote

BBC Eurovision 2016 Photo : BBC

BBC Eurovision 2016 Photo : BBC

The people of the UK will make their decision alone for Eurovision

There had been some speculation about how the UK’s representative would be selected for Eurovision 2016. We all knew of the extensive song selection process being employed by the BBC but the lucky 6 acts to make the final, will now be judged purely by the public. A televote and BBC on-line vote will select the UK’s representative for Eurovision.

If there are any well know singers in the mix, then they could have a good chance of rallying their followers to vote. Speculation still surrounds Jedward’s participation in the contest – SEE HERE

The 6 finalists will be announced on February 22nd the final called “Eurovision: You Decide” will be on February 26th on BBC Four at 20:30 CET

The decision is yours!


Source: Radio Times

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  1. And who decided that Tigertailz Pipped It Popped It wasn’t good enough to go to a public vote? Shame on you, it totally would have had public support behind it!

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