Eurovision 2016

UK : Million Dollar Jedward Are Available In May

Jedward Returning to Eurovision 2015? Photograph courtesy of fanpop

Jedward Clear Their Calendars

Clearing out the calendar for the ‘Lipstick Duo’

All of us (well those of us with nothing to do last Friday evening) saw ‘Geordie Shore’s’ Scotty T win Celebrity Big Brother in the UK.

Today is was reported who the alleged highest earners from the reality show have been over the years. It seems that Jedward did rather handsomely out of the show speculating to have netted a cool £1 Million for their time in the Celebrity Big Brother house back in 2011. 

Rumours come and go but the one of a ‘third bite of the Eurovision Cherry’ for the duo moved up a notch when their ‘upcoming events’ page on their official website was cleared of engagements. That is certainly not like the Irish Twins to do that. They have concerts in March and then clear.

With the UK selection being 100% televote – what might that mean if Jedward were to grab one of those 6 finalist slots? Is the UK ready for that? Would the BBC go there?

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : TeleMix


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  1. Third time lucky! Though they’ve evolved, now writing & producing their own, brilliant music, Lipstick still remains a clear Eurovision favourite. Meanwhile, here in Sweden, we’re holding our breath!

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