Eurovision 2016

Lithuania: Donny and Ruta neck and neck as five songs progress to the semi-final stage

Ruta and Donny

Lithuania: Donny and Ruta neck and neck as five songs progress to the semi-final stage

This weekend’s sixth episode of the labyrinthine Lithuanian selection process began to finally edge us a little nearer to finding out who will be performing for the Baltic nation in Stockholm – although rather fiendishly we’re still not much nearer to knowing which song they will be performing.

Now if you were paying attention last week, you may remember that this time around we would be watching the performers who provided their own songs. The eight lucky qualifiers from the two previous own-song rounds battled it out in what turned out to be a pretty close fight.

The main singing element of the show was recorded in the week, so we already knew that hot favourites Rūta Ščiogolevaitė and old boy of this parish Donny Montell had tied at the top of the jury vote, with one time Skamp Erica Jennings coming in a close third, but news that only five of tonight’s songs would be progressing to the next stage got the table’s bottom feeders in a bit of a panic.

When it came to the live votes tonight, what they entertainingly describe as the International jury (a handful of people shouting excitedly on Skype) preferred a bit of Donny, but the home voters didn’t take to him at all, plunging him well down the table to a distant third, while Ruta sailed the popular vote to bag another heat win. Erica Jennings took a surprise second.

The other two songs to qualify were Valdas Lacko, and the always entertaining (well at least in the choice of her frocks) Catrinah. Sadly this is the last we’ll see of Petunia, Egle Jakstyte and Istvan Kvik and Ellada, but we’re quite sure at least a couple of them will have another go next year.

Next week, the non-songers will be going through exactly the same process, meaning that we’ll be down to a mere ten acts, and so in a fortnight we’ll be able to see all remaining contenders on the same show. I’ll bet you can’t wait!

Author : Roy Delaney

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