Eurovision 2016

SWITZERLAND: Live blog of Swiss selection show ‘Die Entscheidungsshow’ #JoinUs at 20:10 CET

Switzerland Final 2016

SWITZERLAND: Live blog of Swiss selection show ‘Die Entscheidungsshow’ #JoinUs at 20:10 CET

Tonight Switzerland will select their song to go to Stockholm for Eurovision Song Contest 2016. I will keep you entertained with my musing and observations of the evening’s performances. Check out our reviews earlier in the week of the songs HERE

Join us at 20:10 CET for our LIVE BLOG. You know the drill – just refresh the page for full updates and our thoughts on the performances.

How To Watch

The show starts at 20:10 CET and you can follow it HERE

Running Order

  • Vincent Gross – ‘Half A Smile’
  • Bella C – ‘Another World’
  • Kaceo – ‘Disque d’or’
  • Theo – ‘Because Of You’
  • Rykka – ‘The Last Of Our Kind’
  • Stanley Miller – ‘Feel The Love’

Each artist will then perform their own version of a well known song and they are listed below

  • Vincent Gross – ‘Astronaut’
  • Bella C – ‘Empire State Of Mind’ 
  • Kaceo – ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’
  • Theo – ‘Photograph’
  • Rykka – ‘Love Me Like You Do’
  • Stanley Miller – ‘Hello’

How The Winner Will Be Selected

There are 6 acts in tonight’s final and their fate will depend on the result of a 50/50 jury/televote


LIVE BLOG – STARTS AT 20:10 CET – Just Refresh The Page

And first up tonight we are treated to the #fabulous Conchita Wurst with ‘Firestorm’

Then from one diva to the original diva as we cut to the amazing Lys Assia live in the studio.


Vincent Gross – ‘Half A Smile’


This has given me more than ‘Half a Smile’ – I have a huge big grin on my face. Vincent is very endearing and the song has a great hook. This is not the best vocal I have heard but there is definite promise with this pop song. I can already hear a Euroclub remix forming in my head. I cannot use any emoticons during this song as they are all being used for the back drop but it would be a big smiley one id use if I could !!!! Great start in Switzerland

Bella C – ‘Another World’

Well I am not happy because I have discovered there is another woman on the planet who can “out pout” me!!! This is definitely sexy and sultry. It could be used as a Bond Theme although and although I am not keen on the nasally quality to Bella C’s voice, she can certainly perform!!!!!!

Kaceo – ‘Disque d’or’

I am sorry I have come over all funny. All I did was eat the brownie I brought home from Amsterdam and now I am seeing a man on stage singing whilst riding an inflatable unicorn!!!!! There are also 2 large cardboard cutouts of a bear and a penguin!!!! I have no idea what is going on. I can only think that in Switzerland, they have heard of our #MagicMic Award.

“What about the song?”  I hear you cry – I almost forgot there was a song – it was in French but that’s all I can really say – I’m still getting to grips with riding that Unicorn.

Theo – ‘Because Of You’

So this is immediately going to get compared with Vincent who performed first. Another fresh faced young man with a guitar, his hair slicked to one side and singing a song with a great chorus hook. My observations so far – Theo dresses to the right and Vincent to the left – I am talking about their hair obviously!!!!

Theo’s song is a modern ballad and is really sweet. A simple guitar ballad did well for Tom Dice and Belgium in 2010 – could it do well for Switzerland in 2016???

Rykka – ‘The Last Of Our Kind’

Rykka is a stunningly beautiful girl – very striking!!! I love this ballad. She is wearing a billowing white dress that with the dry ice on the floor looks like it is blowing across the stage. There is one big problem with this performance though – she was flat throughout the song!!! The vocal let this song down but it may have been nerves. She has another song to persuade me I am wrong – lovely melody though!!!!

Stanley Miller – ‘Feel The Love’

Oh I really like this but then I am a fan of a cheesy pop song. I do not think this would have universal appeal. It is from the same genre as The Toppers “Shine” – it feels like it would have to come with a shiny, all singing, all dancing press pack. I am seeing sequined suits and jazz hands. A good uptempo dance floor filler but too dated.

Vincent Gross – ‘Astronaut’

This song was not known to me and is not in English but Vincent gives a great performance and I now LOVE this song. He is such a great performer and knows how to work the camera. There appears to be a hysterical screaming girl in the audience too that agrees with me. Vincent has done his chances no harm at all with his 2 performances and his original song is my favourite of the 6.

Bella C – ‘Empire State Of Mind’ 

I love this song! I sing it in my choir – did you know I was in a choir? I don’t talk about it much!!!!!!!!!! I am really sorry Bella C but I do not like the way this is sung. It sounds way too much like a ‘trashy lounge singer’ – I feel bad because it is obvious she can perform but I am not a fan.

Kaceo – ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’

Another song I sing in my choir. I must tell you about that choir sometime?!?!?!?!?! This song is sooooo well suited to Kaceo because they are “Barking Mad” – LOVED IT 🙂 (especially the sample from Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit‘)

Theo – ‘Photograph’

I like this song but I found Theo’s version of it way too stilted. This performance was not as good as that of his original song. Theo is still my 2nd choice based on his first song though.

Rykka – ‘Love Me Like You Do’

Rykka definitely wins the “beautiful people” award tonight but I am just not 100% convinced by her vocal. It is hard to take your eyes off her and she gives a good rendition of Ellie Goulding’s song but in the end I don’t think it is enough. I may however just have found myself a #GirlCrush

Stanley Miller – ‘Hello’

Stanley comes across with more credibility with this performance and you can see what a true professional performer he is and also that he is a great vocalist. He reminds me of “Anton” from The X Factor this year. A good interpretation of a difficult song.


For me tonight there is only 1 winner and that is Vincent Gross but as all followers of my rolling blogs will know – I do not have a great track record with my predictions so anything could happen. I think Vincent has the best song that would give Switzerland the best chance and he is a great performer!!!!!


#MagicMic Award

I knew who would be getting my tip for this award from the second they appeared on the stage and it has to go to Kaceo’s performance of ‘Disque d’or’. If riding an inflatable unicorn cannot win you this award then nothing will!!!!! Hats off to the lads I loved it because although it’s crazy – I embrace the crazy 🙂






photo from official facebook page

photo from official facebook page

An Rykka wins the ticket to Stockholm in May to represent Switzerland at Eurovision 2016!!!! I must say that her reprise version of the song was much improved. This song could do really well if she performs well in the semi-final 🙂

Told you i am terrible at predictions – but well done to Switzerland – 12 performances, a vote and a reprise wrapped up in 60 mins – that’s how to do it!


Author: Elaine Dove

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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