DENMARK : Live Blog of Danish Final ‘Dansk Melodi Grand Prix’ – #JoinUs at 20:00 CET


Danish Grand Prix

Danish Grand Prix

Hi there it is Andrew Main here.  It is time for Denmark to get their groove on and select their song for Eurovision 2016 so come and  join us at 20:00CET for our LIVE BLOG of ‘Dansk Melodi Grand Prix’.

You know the drill – just refresh the page for full updates and our thoughts on the performances.

The Forum in Horsens is the venue where 10 acts compete in the final and will be hosted by Jacob Riising, Annette Heick & Hilda Heick.

You can go back and see how we rated the competing songs in this years show  HERE

How To Watch


The Show starts at 20:00 CET

You can watch internationally using the following links HERE


Running Order

  1. David Jay, ‘Rays of Sunlight’
  2. Simone, ‘Heart Shaped Hole’
  3. Bracelet, ‘Breakaway’
  4. Sophia Nohr, ‘Blue Horizon’
  5. Veronicas Illusion, ‘The Wrong Kind’
  6. Lighthouse X, ‘Soldiers of Love’
  7. Kristel Lisberg, ‘Who Needs a Heart’
  8. Jessica, ‘Break It Good’
  9. Muri & Mario, ‘To stjerner’
  10. Anja Nissen, ‘Never Alone’

If you click on the song titles you can listen to the song at the Danish Grand Prix (DR) website.



How The Winner Will Be Selected


The winner will be selected through 2 rounds of voting.

In the first round the top 3 will be chosen by SMS and mobile app voting (50%) & an expert jury (50%).

In the second round, the winner will be chosen by SMS and mobile app voting.




LIVE BLOG – Starts 20:00 CET Here


You know the drill by now peeps. You just refresh the page after each song for our comments. Don’t forget we will be awarding our #MagicMic Award for the most memorable moment of the show!


We are reminded that Denmark won in Stockholm 2000. Then we are reminded that Denmark won in Malmo in 2013. There is a pattern here. Now we go to Stockholm in 2016 and Denmark are looking for the hat trick of victories. Now we have the hosts with a little dance number about Sweden.

hosts dancing

Here are our three hosts


We are getting a run down of what happened last year and how the show will work. Now we are introduced to the Jury members, including Chanee and the writer of the song Satellite.

So we are on to the songs.



DAVID JAY  ‘Rays of Sunlight’

I fairly nice song to start with , David on stage with dancers. It is a good uptempo brassy feel to it. Some pyros half way through. A pleasant enough start for sure.

David Jay

SIMONE  ‘Heart Shaped Hole’


Simone has appeared before in the Grand Prix. She is in a white dress and standing inside a heart shape on a platform. Another decent song well sung fairly midtempo. Not sure its what we need at Eurovision.


BRACELET  ‘Breakaway’

A band that are distinctly made in Sweden up next. The Groneval brothers not only have a famous Mum(Nanne) but famous Grandad(Benny from ABBA). What a pedigree! So to the song. A good easy to the ear song, nice quiet moments followed by good uptempo in the chorus. Good singing too the band have two girls on guitars. This is the best so far.


We are having a brief break from the songs with The Olsen Brothers chatting.

SOPHIA NOHR ‘Blue Horizon’

Sophia has a backdrop with a big picture of her face. She is accompanied on stage by a drummer and a big bass player. Another decent enough song here but it does not have enough of an oomph for me to take to Eurovision. Pleasant enough nonetheless and good vocals.



Wow this is more like it. Lots of energy going on here very poppy and uptempo. Veronicas have 5 girls on stage and the vocals are strong. This is quite mesmerising with energy and lights going on all over the stage. A great number to send if you want Pop. I loved it.


LIGHTHOUSE X ‘Soldiers of Love’

Boyband time now. Lighthouse 10(not X) are three handsome brutes of Danish meat that are very pleasing to the eye. Not only that they have good voices and great harmonies. Also they have a very catchy song that goes down well with the crowd.  This makes the contest very interesting indeed.

Lighthouse X

KRISTEL LISBERG ‘Who Needs a Heart’

Kristel up next with 4 backing singers and a lady on the fiddle. This is the first ballad of the evening. Lots of smoky clouds in the backdrop. Its a decent enough effort to be fair and sung well to boot. But we have seen this many times before and this has no special quality to it. All the same I enjoyed it.


JESSICA ‘Break It Good’

Now we have a bit of reggae Danish style. Jessica is on stage with 3 girls dancing about like mad things and a keyboard player. Very bouncy and poppy with a distinct reggae feel to this song. We are then joined by a guy dancer too. A decent enough song but I think there has been better tonight.


MURI & MARIO ‘To Stjerner’

The only song tonight sung in Danish. Two handsome chaps one on keyboards. This is midtempo and has a fab voice synth feel to it. Then out of the blue we end up with an acrobat hanging from a swing. Why? I like the feel of this song but whether it gets the votes we shall see.

Muri and Mario

ANJA NISSEN ‘Never Alone’

Anja is from Australia and introduces her parents. She speaks good Danish too.On stage with 2 male dancers Anja is in a black dress. The song is really catchy and contemporary pop. Good vocals nice and strong this is making me feel good about the whole package. The dancers have pyros in hand at the crescendo looks great and a good finish. The crowd love it and so do I.



So there we have it folks all 10 songs in the hunt for that golden ticket to Stockholm.While we are having a recap of the songs for the voters I need to decide who I am going to predict to go through to the Top 3 Final. A hard choice indeed as there were no bad songs or performances tonight but some songs stood out a little bit more than others.





Ok here is my prediction for the Top3 to go through to the Grand Final vote.

ANJA NISSEN ‘Never Alone’


BRACELET  ‘Breakaway’




#MagicMic Award

#MagicMic - Sascha Frasz Graphic Design


 My Magic Mic award goes to Simone with her heart shaped prop she stand inside at the start of her song. It was the only slightly wacky thing we saw tonight but did add to the performance.



While the public vote we are treated to a bunch of kids singing.  It’s Junior all over again.


Simone is the first act through to the Final.

Lighthouse X is through to the Final.

Final act through is Anja Nissen to the Final.

Three great song choices though I only predicted one which was Anja so she has to be my favourite to go to Stockholm.

All 3 songs will be performed once again.

Simone up first. Yep another great performance from Simone I can see the attraction in sending this to Eurovision.

Simone 2


 Next up we have Lighthouse X.  Another good song and performance. They are very easy on the eye these three guys. This is making it very difficult for Denmark to choose a winner.

Lighthouse 2

 Our last finalist is Anja Nissen. Very energetic performance, this for me is the most contemporary piece of pop on offer tonight and would do very well at Eurovision. It is my ultimate favourite of the night . Will Denmark go for this though?

Anja 2

We have a recap of all three songs and await the results now.

Meanwhile we have Loreen on stage singing Euphoria.

Simone is 3rd with 22% Anja is 2nd with 36%

The winner is Lighthouse X with 42%

Soldiers of Love will go to Stockholm.

I hope you all enjoyed the show and comments.


Author Andrew Main

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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