Eurovision 2015

Objetivo Eurovisión – The review from Spanish Eurovision and Non Eurovision Fans


After the release of the Spanish contestants of “Objetivo Eurovisión” I have been asking around my friends (eurofans and not eurofans) and my relatives about their impressions of the songs and this is what they told me about! I will structure it song by song and telling the pros and cons I have received. Plus remember we have our Poll to vote for your Favourite HERE


María Isabel – La vida sólo es una.

On the positive side, everyone thinks this will do well inside Spain, “a great summer song for 2016” or “at last a song that forgets the Spanish sounds of 2000” are some of the impressions caused by this song.

However, almost everyone agrees that this would not do well in Eurovision. In addition, her recent live performances on TV were too weak to think on her as a Eurovision possible winner.

Maverik – Un mundo más feliz.

I have only received a good impression from this song, “it sounds like something I could dance on a club every night”.

On the other side, people generally think that it is another cheap “electro-latino” song and most eurofans feel disappointed with it due to the high expectative caused when the composer, Juan Magán, was known.

Electric Nana – Now.

This song is fresh and different and that is what I got from people’s impression of it. Electronic sounds breaking with all the previously sent by Spain. “It is both something that could pass completely unnoticed or completely call your attention” a eurofan comments.

On the other hand, the song turns out to be repetitive and boring for many people, It calls my attention that some people gets bored with a song that only lasts 2:18…

Xuso Jones – Victorious.

It is curious that eurofans reaction to a Eurovision-like song like this is much worse than non-eurofans impression. For eurofans, this is something far from what Spain should send to ESC, something that sounds too Nordic for us, it sounds as BWO 8 years ago or simply something discarded from melodifestivalen. Whereas for non-eurofans, this sounds fresh, it is catchy, Xuso can do a great performance with it and we can go back to the top with a song like this one.

Salvador Beltrán – Días de alegría.

This is a song that everyone seems to have a positive opinion of it, but no one seems to have it as favourite to ESC. This is something bad because you have to make passion grow into people so they take their phones and call for you.

In general, people see it like something that would have a great success inside Spain, sounding in every radio station, but getting a second-half position in Stockholm’s final next May.

Barei – Say yay!

This places number one in most of people’s ranking and my friends and relatives agree with them. From 20 people I have asked, the lowest ranking of Barei is 3rd. Its main negative comment is that it might be not as catchy as a Eurovision winner should be.

On the other hand, people find it current, dancing and a great voice and rhythm. “Barei has shown her great skills performing live and the smooth version of the song with a better production will be for sure a top qualifier in Globen Arena”.


The overall ranking of the 7 eurofan friends, 5 non-eurofan friends, 5 cousins, my grandma and my parents is:

  1. Barei
  2. Xuso Jones
  3. Electric Nana
  4. María Isabel
  5. Salvador Beltrán
  6. Maverik

Do you agree with them? Please leave a comment below telling us what you think!


Content by Imanol Recio Erquicia.

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  1. Barei is the best choice for Spain this year but its definately lacking any credibility of a winning eurovision song. I would definately forget this during the final

  2. Barei is absolutely the best song of these 6. They can do a lot with special light effects, but I don’t think there is a winner between these 6, I’m sorry to say.

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