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SPAIN : Our Spanish correspondent Imanol reviews the Eurovision entries for Spain

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There they are! We have the full six Spanish songs that hope to bring glory to the Iberian Kingdom once again! Let’s review them!


As we know, TVE has selected 6 songs by 6 different artists and 6 different styles to compete for the honour to represent Spain next may in Globen arena in Stockholm. The lucky 6 are Xuso Jones, Salvador Beltrán, Maverick, María Isabel, Electric Nana and Barei. Let’s now take a deeper look to their songs and the first impressions once we have heard the snippets.



Xuso Jones is a young singer from the beautiful town of Murcia. So far, we knew that his song was going to be quite international, Swedish songwriters (Andreas Öhrn and Peter Broström) such a classic nowadays in Eurovision terms. The song tells us we are in front of a typical schlager song, “victorious”, which I love! The lyrics, though, are weak and that is sadly not surprising me if we look to other schlager songs that are presented out of Scandinavia. Anyway, I like to have a schlager song in our national final! Go Xuso!



Salvador Beltrán is a young songwriter that will defend his own song in the national final. He previously said that his song was full of optimism and pretended to show Europe the happiness of all Spain. After listening “días de alegría (days of happiness)”my previously thoughts were correct. This will not be a serious contender to get the ticket. Old-fashioned song, this would have been good in the early noughties but now it feels like coming back to “operación triunfo” time.



Maverick is another young singer that comes with something that would be fresh for Eurovision and that is what we call “electro-latino” songs. The main artist of this style, Juan Magán, is the one composing the song. Moreover, I personally hope a lot from this one. Well, After listening to “un mundo más feliz (a happier world)” I can only say one thing… disappointment, I don’t find any kind of reason on why even this song has been selected into the group of six…  I could bet on this not going to Sweden.

María Isabel is back! We barely knew anything from her since her victory on the junior contest back in 2004 with “Antes muerta que sencilla” which still sounds from time to time at popular parties in Spain. Now she is back with a “dancing fresh song”. This is supposed to be a serious contender to win the final. After listening to the snippet and confirming the rumours of “la vida sólo es una (life is only one)”  in my opinion this is a weak song, I don’t expect anything good from María Isabel, especially knowing that her live performance skills are not as good as to be able of sing and dance at the same time. As we would say in Spanish, it’s rained a lot since 2004!

Electric Nana


Electric Nana is an indie singer that comes with an enthusiastic song. She has been some years acting on tv shows with a famous DJ in Spain, Carlos Jean, and giving her voice to some of his creations. Last summer she has launched her own singles for the first time and on a very different style and getting a big success. Her song “won’t stop” has been aired for such a long time by almost every radio station of Spain.  I find that “now” is catchy and full of energy!  I was curious to discover the full song and how she puts Spanish and French language into it and I love the result. This will be one of the favourites to win the final.



Finally yet importantly, we have Barei with her pop sound with electronic bases. She composes in English and makes an interesting mix of American soul and black music with powerful lyrics. She is one of the most unknown singers of the group so her song can get a boost with this surprise effect and she can be considered as a serious contender to win the final too.  “Say yay” shows us an up-tempo pop-soul song with a very current and electronic sound. Strong lyrics and a catchy chorus make me love this song. This is my favourite of the six songs and my election to get the ticket to Stockholm!


After listening to all the candidates, I only want half of them to represent me in Sweden. I really hope Barei, Electric Nana or Xuso Jones to be the lucky ones and win on the final that will take place next February 1st in Madrid!

So you tell us if you agree with my reviews? Who do you think will win the Spanish selection? Can any of the songs win Eurovision?


Author : Imanol Recio Erquicia

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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