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TOP 10 LIST : The ‘Must Have Christmas Presents’ For Eurovision Fans – Our Guide

Christmas Gifts

What will I ask Santa Claus for Christmas this year? Have I been naughty or nice? What do you buy that special person in your life this festive season? If they are a lover of all things Eurovision, then you cannot miss our ultimate guide on what to get the Eurovision fan in your life for Christmas.

From books, to music, to DVD’s, to Movies, to Tickets, to Modern Art and to Finger Puppets – Yes Finger Puppets – We have the Top 10 must have Christmas Gifts for you! So what are you waiting for. Get Shopping!

#1 – The Book ‘Inside the Eurovision Song Contest: Glamour, Music and Myth’

This book was written by Julian Vignoles (Former Head of The Eurovision Reference Committee) and in the book Julian talks of the debates that went on behind closed doors that resulted in the changes to the rules and the political disputes behind the fanfare of the Eurovision Song Contest. Very apt considering the recent events of Junior Eurovision Executive Supervisor Vladislav YakovlevGet your copy HERE 

Inside The Eurovision

#2 – London Eurovision Party Tickets

Swinging London is the place to be in April as the London Eurovision Party is set to make a big impact in 2016 – we can’t say just yet but it will be #GroovyBaby. A unique night of Eurovision contestants Past, Present and possibly Future will be taking to the stage for something special this year. Get your loved one a ticket for this event when it goes on sale soon as you don’t want to miss out on a London Night of Eurovision. Keep a close eye on their Social Media page for upcoming details – See HERE

London Eurovision Party. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

London Eurovision Party. Photograph courtesy of Facebook


#3 – ESC Collection 1956 – 2015 Blu Ray

This collection has 18 blu-ray discs with all international finals from 1956 to 2015 (1956 and 1964 are multimedia versions). This collection is delivered with covers and artwork printed on the discs. Only offer this! See HERE See HERE 


#4 – ESC Collection 1956 – 1999

All Eurovision finals from 1956 to 1999 on cd (1993 and 1996 are double cds and includes the songs that did not qualify for the international final). The cds are delivered in paper sleeves and not in covers. See HERE

#5 – The Very Best Of Eurovision Song Contest – A 60th Anniversary

A must have CD for all you lovers of Eurovision out there charting the high points of Eurovision’s 60 years of music. If you don’t have this in your collection then it is the Naughty Step for you. See HERE

Very Best of ESC 60th Anniversary


#6 – Sounds Like Teen Spirit

This is the movie that won critical acclaim across the world including a recommendation at the renowned Sundance Film Festival. Charting the personal and organisational stories behind the Junior Eurovision Song Contest of 2007 it is funny and poignant. You may never have watched the contest before but the movie/documentary is considered a masterpiece. See – HERE , HERE and HERE


So you like your Schlager do you? Well let’s put that to the test! Complete collection with 1960, 1974, 1975, and from 1977 to 2015. Includes all the semi finals! All finals up to 2009 are “From dvd to blu-ray” products, and most of the finals up to 2005 are digital versions in high quality. From 2010 to 2015 it’s HD blu-ray. See HERE

Melodifestivalen 2015. Photo : SVT

Melodifestivalen 2015. Photo : SVT

#8 – Tim Moore’s – Null Points

So what do you do if you are a Eurovision fan and a travel writer? Only one thing to do and that is to go and visit all the artists that have ever scored the dreaded NULL POINTS at the modern scoring Eurovision song contest since the mid 1970’s. Stopping off in Norway much? Read about the story HERE and then you can BUY HERE

Null Points

#9 – Conchita Wurst – Finger Puppet

OK – If you are like me you have the CD and you have the Book. If not then WHY NOT? One of the most recognisable winners of the Eurovision Song Contest in the modern era and now an icon. So what do you get the Conchita Eurovision fan for Christmas? Well we found these cute Conchita Finger Puppets HERE 

Finger Puppet

#10 – Abba ‘Dancing Queen’ Crown Shaped Vinyl Record Art

For the serious Eurovision and Abba Fan! Individual piece of vintage vinyl art featuring Abba’s 1976 single ‘Dancing Queen’ on the Epic label cut into the shape of a regal crown. Mounted within a black wooden box frame and raised from an orange base to compliment the label. Well all I can say is SOS ‘Shout Out to Santa’. I want this! If you want it too then See HERE

Abba - Dancing Queen Record Art


So there you have it. Something for all tastes, All budgets and All aspects of Eurovision. If you have been a good person over the year then you just might get one of these gifts for Christmas. However if you have been a bad bad bad boy or girl – expect to find all TEN gifts under your tree!

Thanks to our good friend Emma from ‘Meanwhile In Europe’  who worked her magic and found some of the interesting Eurovision gifts above. She is our Christmas Helper but don’t tell anyone as we don’t pay here ANYTHING!

Happy shopping, Happy Eurovisioning and Happy Christmas.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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