Eurovision 2015

WATCH : Eurovision’s Executive Supervisor Vladislav Yakovlev – “I Was Fired Today”


Vladislav Yakovlev – The Executive Supervisor for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Eurovision Young Dancers and Eurovision Young Musicians – was fired today” by the EBU.

Vladislav took to social media this morning to share this news and to state the reasons why he felt he was fired by his “direct managers” from the EBU.


Vladislav States

“I was fired today because I dared to question the tender procedure”

“I dared to question where and how the EBU member’s funds are being used” and

“Many other questions to my direct management about their acts towards the Eurovision events”


Vladislav went on to say that due to these conditions that he “does not see an honest and healthy development of the Eurovision events”

Kath and Vlad

This news comes on the back of the recent dismissal of Kath Lockett – Head of Press for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest – for asking similar questions on the current EBU’s Tender process and the use of EBU member’s funds on Sietse Bakker’s (Event Supervisor Eurovision Song Contest) personal Facebook Post. This news has gained mainstream news coverage in the UK’s Top Political publication of ‘Private Eye’READ HERE – and then also in one of Scandinavia’s largest news agencies ‘Aftonbladet’READ HERE 

Response on social media has been vast in the short time since Vladislav Yakovlev posted his video this morning. Comments have come not only from the Eurovision Fan Community but from EBU Delegations members both past and present. Julian Vignoles – The Former Head of the Eurovision Reference Committee – posted


The EBU’s members are scheduled to be meet next week in Geneva where one would expect these recent events will be a talking point along with the allegations made against former SCRN/WOW Works employee Jarmo Siim  during the recent Eurovision Contest in Vienna.

Bring Back Kath And Vlad

We have also observed on twitter #IStandWithVlad #BringBackVlad and #BringBackKath are beginning to trend which shows the response from the Eurovision Community to the news this morning. How will mainstream news agencies now react to this further news coming from the Headquarters of the EBU?

So what do you think of the news this morning from the former EBU Executive Supervisor of 3 Eurovision Events Mr Vladislav Yakovlev? What do you think of the EBU Tender process for their 4 Eurovision events considering that 2 senior employees claim to have been fired for asking questions on the transparency of the procedure? Do you agree with Vladislav’s sentiments that he “does not see an honest and healthy development of the Eurovision events” as they stand?

Let us know your thoughts on today’s events?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Vladislav Yakovlev Facebook, Private Eye and Aftonbladet






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