HUNGARY : Viktor Király Speaks About Eurovision Participation


Viktor Király is probably the most well-known Hungarian export to the USA in some considerable time due to his successful run on ‘The Voice’ in America this year.

He has participated before in A-Dal in the hope of representing Hungary at Eurovision but was pipped at the post. However with his new found success people are taking note of the handsome and talented singer.

Viktor loves to host live Periscope chats and he did just that the other day. So while he was talking we messaged him the question “Would he consider Eurovision again?”

What did he say? He said “Yes – but not this year (2016)”12321489_10154157629347841_1791366467972678283_n

That would make so much sense as he is in demand in America at the moment following his time on ‘The Voice’. He has just announced that he has recorded a Christmas Record that will be released and he will be kick starting 2016 with a concert in New York at the venue ‘The Bitter End’ on January 2nd – Tickets are on sale HERE

The Bitter End is one of New Yorks oldest and prestigious rock venues.

Make sure to follow Viktor on his Official Website HERE and of course oh Periscope. You can also follow Eurovision Ireland via our Twitter @EurovisionIrela 

So could 2017 be the year the we see Vikror Király back at A-Dal and possibly going to Eurovision?

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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