Eurovision 2015

BOOK LAUNCH TONIGHT : ‘Inside the Eurovision Song Contest: Glamour, Music and Myth’

Inside The Eurovision Song Contest

Inside The Eurovision Song Contest

BOOK LAUNCH TONIGHT : ‘Inside the Eurovision Song Contest: Glamour, Music and Myth’


“What makes the Eurovision Song Contest so popular? Why do so many people love to hate it? Is the voting fair? Will Ireland ever win again? This book is the Eurovision uncovered.”

For the first time, one of its insiders reveals the inner workings of the Contest, the controversies and the key players over the last ten years. Julian Vignoles was a member of the Contest’s ‘board of directors’, the Reference Group, for six years.

In the book Julian will talk of the debates that went on behind closed doors that resulted in the changes to the rules and the political disputes behind the fanfare of the Eurovision Song Contest.

What we LOVE about this book is that Julian looks at the all important “Voting Patterns” and we hope that people will sit up and LISTEN as he completely de-bunks the block voting myths that have dogged the contests by those who like to see them as ‘Eurovision Oracles/Experts’ – You know who you are 😉

Did you know that seven of the last ten Eurovision winners were actually from Western Europe? Julian Vignoles goes one step further in his book and claims that “former communist countries are under represented in the results”.

Then there is that huge minefield – “Why have both Ireland and the UK failed to win or come close in the televoting era?”. Answers on a postcard to…That is a book all to itself but Julian will give his opinion on this too!

‘Inside the Eurovision Song Contest’ is also a Visual marvel for all discerning fans of the contest as it features stunning photographs from Kyran O’Brien, a veteran press photographer.

“With contributions from Linda Martin, Niamh Kavanagh and Charlie McGettigan, as well as critics, fans and the legendary ‘back room man’, Executive Supervisor Svante Stockselius, this book is a must read for all those who love – or are deeply sceptical about Eurovision.”

Julian will be promoting his book ‘Inside the Eurovision Song Contest: Glamour, Music and Myth’ in the run up to the Eurovision Song Contest. He will be speaking tonight at Panti Bar in Dublin’s City Centre 7-8 Capel Street, Dublin 1. You can get Directions HERE

We believe there may be a VERY famous Eurovision Singer/Winner in attendance so make sure to get to Panti Bar by 18:00 GMT. Tell Julian we sent you!

For book ordering details SEE HERE 

This is one book that if you are a Eurovision fan it is a MUST!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. The dust has settle on another Contest!
    Now that you have more time, why not reflect on Eurovision? You can read my ‘behind the scenes’ account of the last ten years and my own role at the heart of Europe’s favourite TV show in my book,
    Inside the Eurovision Song Contest – Music, Glamour and Myth.
    It’s available in shops and directly from Amazon and

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