Eurovision 2015

UK – British Politicians Threaten to Enter a Song for Eurovision 2016 Selection

Andrea Jenkyns

Andrea Jenkyns

There must be something in the air today as the strange Eurovision stories keep coming! It looks like Eurovision and Politics do actually come together despite what we are told! Politicians look for votes at the polling booths and I guess why not on a Stockholm stage!

Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns said today in an interview that she has formed a band with other Tory politicians – Culture Select Committee chairman Jesse Norman on trumpet, Wyre Forrest’s Mark Garnier on bass guitar and Morecombe’s David Morris, a former session musician for Whitesnake (also on guitar), Colchester MP Will Quince – a tenor who last week performed Nessun Dorma with a drag queen at an arts event in his constituency – South Suffolk’s James Cartlidge, a fast-rising new MP who is already helping to prepare the Prime Minister for his Commons performances (drums) and Somerton and Frome’s David Warburton on piano. PHEW!

Jenkyns is a professional soprano singer and a former Miss United Kingdom contestant and she has formed a band called House of Cerulean with some of her fellow politicians and said

“We have booked a rehearsal room in the Commons later this month for our first try-out together: at the moment, we can’t even be sure that we will gel together musically. If we do, who knows. There is an armed forces gala next June which would be a good moment to perform”

When asked about Eurovision

“We agreed it would be hilarious to enter a sceptical song into the Eurovision Song Contest, such as Queen’s ‘I Want To Break Free”.

While Mr Morris was a tad more cautious

“We will certainly be doing a few songs. I’ve heard the others discussing Eurovision, although personally I think that sounds a bit on the ambitious side”

Ms Jenkyns promotes her songs on her own website and has even performed at a concert in Islamabad, and the video for her song ‘The Beach’ was a hit across the region.

Do we think they will actually send something to the BBC for consideration? Not a chance, but could you imagine them on the UK’s national selection final? TV Gold! However they would not be the first Eurovision singers to be involved in politics. Can you think of others?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : The Daily Mail



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