Junior Eurovision 2007: A retrospective

JESC 2007

The 2007 Junior Eurovision moved back west, and made history for various reasons. The Netherlands had narrowly lost out on bidding to host the 2006 edition, so it was probably only fair they won the right to host 2007 in Rotterdam. The number of participants rose again, which itself was a very healthy sign. Spain and Croatia (for now) left us, but we had four – yes, four – débuting countries. Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia and Lithuania were all most welcome.

A notable rule change was implemented about the age range of participants. Eight- and nine-year olds could no longer participate as the minimum age became 10. Sweden sent another Sandén. Molly last year, Frida this year. Would any more Sandéns be around for future JESCs? Armenia almost won on their first time out. The song to perform last won – again. And most importantly, Belarus took the prize to become the first country to win their second JESC.

The theme was ‘One World’, and all the participants appeared in stage at the start to sing a song especially written for the event.

Serbia’s Nevena Božović made a name in the senior ESC in 2013 in Malmö. She was one of Moje 3 and sang in the semi-final, wearing that outfit. Sadly she couldn’t repeat what the Tolmachevys did. Lisa, Amy and Shelley (now known as O’G3NE) have gone onto success, by winning the 2014 edition of The Voice of Holland. Frida Sandén hasn’t made it to senior ESC yet, but she’s made it to The Voice: Sweden, so maybe we’ll see her there in years to come.

Georgia – Mariam Romelashvili – Oledia ranuni

Belgium – Trust – Anders (Different)

Armenia – Arevik – Erezanq (A dream)

Cyprus – Yiorgos Ioannides – I musiki dinei ftera (Music gives wings)

Portugal – Jorge Leiria – Só quero é cantar (I only want to sing)

Russia – Alexandra Golovchenko – Otlichnitsa (‘A’ Student)

Romania – 4Kids – Sha-la-la

Bulgaria – Bon-Bon – Bonbolandiya (Land of sweets)

Serbia – Nevena Božović – Piši mi (Write to me)

Netherlands – Lisa, Amy & Shelley – Adem in, adem uit (Breath in, breathe out)

Macedonia – Rosica Kulakova & Dimitar Stojmenovski – Ding ding dong

Ukraine – Ilona Galytska – Ulok hlamuru (Lesson of glamour)

Sweden – Frida Sandén – Nu eller aldrig (Now or never)

Malta – Cute – Music

Greece – Made in Greece – Kapou berdeftika (Got mixed up)

Lithuania – Lina Joy – Kai miestas snaudžia (When the town is asleep)

Belarus – Alexey Zhigalkovich – S druz’yami (With friends)

Belarus won for the second time, but this time it was a very close affair. They won by one – yes, one – point over Armenia. What made it more noteworthy was that Belarus voted last and a vote of 10 or 12 would have meant a win for the Caucasus nation. Instead, Armenia got seven points.

As ever, here’s a brief recap of what some of the performance have got up to since their time in Rotterdam.

Which songs did you like best?

Author: John Stanton

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